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Water purifier brand recommended

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on the market too much water purifier brand, from time to time there are several brand new eye out, because of the high water purifier industry profits, in this era of water pollution, drinking water just need to live such a machine exists,

   on the market too much water purifier brand, from time to time there are several brand new eye out, because of the high water purifier industry profits, in this era of water pollution, drinking water just need to live such a machine exists, help us improve water resources, water purifier so there it is because of the explosive growth also adapted to the trend of the times.



   in the chaotic period of the water purifier brand, because if you choose a low-quality water purifier but stop and look maybe you just hear people say water purifier Shucks well, skeptical but not used, but water pollution is getting worse, you do not think about methods to solve? or just take the traditional boil water to drink, or that drinking water is not so many years problems, and they will not faulty .....

   so many reasons not to buy a water purifier, in the end many are so many reasons people use water purifiers, water purifiers also useful after it despair, there are many people hear or see some bad news no longer use water purifiers, Why is this so? purifiers not purify water resources, environmental products do? but in this chaotic era water purification industry, the emergence of some bad business, in order to get more benefits, the use of poor quality materials, manufactured all kinds of substandard water purifier into the market, resulting in more and more people are disappointed purifier, water purifier can imagine reputation is getting worse, a grain assumed name broke a pot of soup, and water purification industry far more than a mouse droppings, water purifier word of mouth how to get better, and from where to get a good impression of the public ....

   But the worsening water pollution, factory waste emissions, pesticides into rivers causing groundwater pollution into the ground to form cancer villages, people of various diseases strange diseases arise, let us pain, we can said it was not caused by water pollution, some people might village water we are no factories and pesticide pollution, then you know where to exclude exhaust factory go, how acid rain is formed ....

   Xiao Bian did not want to write this article to see the grim situation, forced to write this article, so that we can drink healthy drinking water, do not buy water purifier the spent odds, but also to cause water purifier twoSecondary pollution drink ill health effects. We do not know the water quality in many ways is to check out if you want to know whether the water purifier water quality problems need to check the water quality inspection department, rather than ordinary water quality monitoring tools, appeared on the market and most of TDS pen electrolyte. Both methods can not prove whether or drinking water can not drink, drink small series originated earlier articles have described are: "TDS test pen scam" and "fraud electrolysis of water."

   before the small series also described how to buy a water purifier, but there is no direct description of what brand to buy, taking into consideration the countryside identify genuine lack of experience, today recommended several water purifier brands and buy this brand of reasons.

   US water purifier brand: the United States and household appliances into our lives, the US water purifier many people have not heard of, but in the United States still do an excellent water purifier buy brand not fooled.

   plus fresh water purifier Brand: established in 1999, has been engaged in the water industry research and development, industrial park and has a patent, is a representative of the Shenzhen water purifier enterprises, but also the only people not to pay for the advertising of the manufacturers.

   Angel water purifier brand: Angel in 1988 developed the first water purifier, water purifier industry started at the earliest enterprises, the earliest use of the United States imported Dow filter manufacturers.

   This four water purifier brand to buy will not be fooled, the market may be higher than those of inferior brand more expensive in price, but will not be more expensive than those of the manufacturers of name brands , some people may say, there is no CCTV advertising, no significant endorsements, no we do not take care of publicity agents, right, will give great benefits advertising agency, but I recommend here just the conscience of manufacturers, for the people to consider, not agents standing there, you choose the brand that we sell here is not recommended. But the fact that the president keep good quality, sound quality is not good advertising and then also just a temporary crisis. In this incomplete industry, service has become everyones flawed, regardless of which brand to buy, follow basic services can not keep up, but do not like certain brands, said doorFree checking water quality, free door replacement filter element and so on, these are deceptive lies to buy water purifiers, water purifiers when to buy, there may telephone service staff are indifferent.

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