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Water purifier entprises should speed up chnological innovat

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In recent years, under the double promotion policy and markets, including water purifiers, including the water treatment industry development momentum. Industry experts believe that the face of the rapid expansion of the water purification

   In recent years, under the double promotion policy and markets, including water purifiers, including the water treatment industry development momentum. Industry experts believe that the face of the rapid expansion of the water purification industry, innovation is the basis for the development of technology and industry competition, and only continue to encourage enterprises to speed up application of water purification technology innovation, exploring new business models, in order not to develop water purifier industry into exhaust power.



   in a water purifier as the representative of healthy drinking water industry is the rapid development and become a new outlet of water treatment equipment manufacturing industry.

   As we all know, water treatment equipment is a policy-oriented industries. In recent years, with the "water ten" implementation tends to stringent drinking water standards such as overall progress, a series of policies to the green ready manufacturing chain inspiring. The face of more stringent rigid demand, crowded huge opportunity, who can occupy the commanding heights of industry. Innovation-driven, water purifier industry is becoming a high-frequency words.

   water purifier is listed as one of the emerging home appliances, it occupies an important position in the water treatment equipment, but also to achieve healthy drinking water of a new round of industry opportunities. Independent enterprises are the backbone of our water purifier development, but also to achieve the main force of the water treatment equipment manufacturing. In recent years, although Chinas water purification technologies have made some essential breakthrough, but there are many techniques require continuous innovation in local, just as water purification to enhance energy efficiency, enhance intelligence Chengdu, water purifiers overall level of manufacturing process promotion and so on.

   Industry experts pointed out that the water purifier as an important element in the new round of restructuring and upgrading of water treatment equipment, and its development has gone beyond the traditional scope of water treatment equipment industry, but also with the membrane, water reuse, artificial intelligence, big data and other traditional techniques and organic integration of new industries, build new water purifier industrial ecology. Currently, bring the water purifier is not only water treatment equipment and water purification industry profound changes, will also bring important changes in the way the public drinking water and water recycling system. Smart water purifier with a distinctive cross-border features are considered to be the direction of development of the traditional water purification equipment industry. Efforts

   At the same time, water purifiers to make their own in terms of product innovation, business model change, but also on market growth has played a role can not be ignored. Specifically, on the one hand through the water purifier business rich set of features to enhance equipment performance, develop energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, efficient, meticulous design of water purification equipment to meet consumer demand; the otherSurface through the channel flat, rigid demand customization, integration and other online and offline model innovation, to change the traditional "up in the wind" business model to achieve precision marketing, product structure to speed up the flow of water purifiers.

   that needs attention is that intelligent water purifier is not just a simple means of transport, on the one hand related to environmental awareness, water treatment cycle, cooperative control and water purification equipment and other related technological innovation, other aspect also relates to sewage treatment, water reuse technology interactive processing, film processing and intelligent messaging applications. Among the many people in the industry view, the development of smart water purifier water purifier is not only eco-innovation and industrial change, but also fit the current public health drinking water increasingly demanding valid path.

   Although the water purification industry is considered "in the golden period of development," but the companies want to line stability Zhiyuan, after all, rely on their own strong competitiveness. Among the many people in the industry view, consumption upgrade heat fully reflected in 2017 in hot water purifier market, intelligent, energy-efficient, low-energy water purifier industry is the development of a new trend, companies should continue to increase technology the investment in innovation, leading the market through innovation and development.

   That is, no matter how the future of water purifier market trends, enterprises should work hard to study consumer demand. Water purifier industry has a huge space for development and broad market, the healthy diversity of drinking water requirements into the development of effective water purifier industry market opportunities, but also promote the development of innovative water purification and industrial applications, to a certain extent , and industry economic and ecological benefits of double harvest. Thus, water purifier enterprises should strengthen product innovation, channel transformation, through high-quality supply, in order to remain invincible in the market.

   Source: China Environmental Protection online

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