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Teach you how to make children develop good habits ofealthy

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healthy drinking water, health is our origin. Regardless of the elderly, the young and children, develop a healthy habit of drinking water is very important. Especially nowadays belong to the scorching summer, poor renal concentration funct


healthy drinking water, health is our origin. Regardless of the elderly, the young and children, develop a healthy habit of drinking water is very important. Especially nowadays belong to the scorching summer, poor renal concentration function in children, fast metabolism, urine output is relatively large, so that the children daily water demand than in adults. How to make children develop good habits of healthy drinking water, and let the children fall in love to drink water, be sure to keep in mind the parents of healthy drinking water method.


good habit of drinking water health law


1, suitable temperature


of hot or cold water, the baby will damage the delicate membrane of the gastrointestinal, affect digestion. In general, the baby to drink water should be boiled water at room temperature to drink summer, winter most suitably at about 20 鈩?-30 鈩?


2, ready to drink plenty of water


Do not wait until you feel thirsty give him water baby, if the baby has dry mouth, dark urine oliguria, constipation and other phenomena, shows your baby needs the replenishment. Because, when the baby feel thirsty, cells in the body has been a lack of water, and even this will have a negative impact on the healthy growth of babies. Therefore, parents should be ready to appropriate water temperature for the baby, the baby and a timely reminder to drink water.


3, can not feed over the water sweet


young parents when to feed your baby sugar water, often with their own feelings prevail, felt himself tasted sweet considered. In fact, the babys sense of taste is much more sensitive than the adult, adults feel sweet when they feel sweet overdone. Give your baby sugar is no good. Feed your baby with a high concentration of sugar, it can speed up bowel movements initially, but soon turned inhibited, so that the child abdominal fullness.


4, before meals do not give children watering


before meals and drink plenty of water can dilute the gastric juice is not conducive to the digestion of food, drink bulging stomach, also affect appetite. The proper approach is to let the children half an hour before meals drink a small amount of water, in order to increase their secretion of saliva, helps digestion.


5, before going to bed do not give children watering


after the younger children deep sleep at night, can not completely control their own urine, if more water before going to bed, it is easy to enuresis. Even without enuresis, get up several times a night to urinate, but also affect sleep.


6, not ice water to children


childrenRestless nature, future events is often sweaty, very thirsty. At this point, some parents often give their children to drink a glass of ice water, believing it both thirst and cool down. In fact, a lot of ice water easily cause gastric mucosal vasoconstriction, not only affect the digestion and may even cause intestinal cramps. In addition, parents should educate their children do not binge drink, or may cause acute gastric dilatation, unhealthy.


7, do not drink instead of drinking water


Many parents use a variety of novel expensive sweet fruit juice, soft drinks or other beverages instead of drinking water to quench their thirst child, this is not appropriate. Beverage which contains a lot of sugar and more electrolyte, unlike plain water as soon leave the stomach after drink, but will stay a long time, have a negative stimulus to the stomach. Thirsty children, as long as they drink boiled water on the line, occasional drinks taste like, its best to use boiled water to dilute the drink or the use of pure fruit juice freshly squeezed.


should amount of water during daytime meals, about every hour to drink a glass of water. Do not wait until you feel thirsty to think of drinking water; do not swallow big mouth, because the water is too fast, too fast, it will swallow a lot of air to virtually go together easily lead to bloating or belching, it is best to drink slowly.


8, before going to bed to drink less, should drink plenty of water after getting up


because the bedtime drink too much water will cause swollen eyelids, midnight old will run the toilet, so sleep the quality is not high. And after a night of sleep, loss of body water, about 450 milliliters, it needs to replenish the morning, so the morning after getting a cup of water fasting beneficial blood circulation, but also can promote the brain awake, the day of agile thinking clearly.


9, do not drink ice water


Some people think that drinking ice water after sweating activity, both to quench their thirst, but also cool. As everyone knows, a lot of ice water is not only likely to cause gastric mucosal vasoconstriction, affecting digestion, but also to stimulate peristalsis to speed up the emergence of intestinal spasm, causing bursts of abdominal pain.


10, after strenuous exercise should not immediately drink lots of water


childrens health is every parents do things that are of concern, and therefore pay more attention to drinking water health nature to ensure the bodys normal development, not to delay the childs health. There are many types of drinking water, children have to choose healthy water, choosing the right water for healthy growth of children is critical.


ChildChild are particularly good move, when the baby is in motion, will accelerate the loss of body water, so pay attention to replenish. Can try the following method: before exercise, glasses of water (300 ml - 400 ml); in motion, every 15 to 20 minutes, drink half a glass of water (about 100 ml); after exercise, drink 3 cups of water (500 ml - 600 ml).


In addition to the drinking habits should pay attention to, the children drink plenty of water is best to have your own cups or water bottles, minimize the use of some plastic cups or disposable cups, these are very bad for health. And parents should pay attention, less to drink some purified water or bottled water to their children, without any of these mineral elements in water, the growth of the child is very unfavorable. Children drinking plain water is best to boil water, but can not be repeated boil water or drink some Chen, try to drink some drinks and so on.

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