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Water purifier filtreplacement is not timely change -sewage-

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Not timely filter replacement water filter change sewage on the ills be cured http: //www.js.hc360.com2019骞?at 10:24 on April 23 Source: Bei Guo Net T T HC Network with clean water improve peoples drinking water safety awareness, more and

  Not timely filter replacement water filter change "sewage" on the ills be cured http: //www.js.hc360.com2019骞?at 10:24 on April 23 Source: Bei Guo Net T


   HC Network with clean water improve peoples drinking water safety awareness, more and more consumers to shift attention to water purification products, and end water purifier to filter out the water which harmful substances on the human body, to protect the familys drinking water health, so, end of the water purifier is installed more extensive purification equipment.

   Even so, but still no way to get rid of such a status quo: Most users are now conscious of the "replace cartridge" in this area is still very weak must. Moreover, there is concern that the market today have some publicity permanent filter use, only needs cleaning, you can continue to use, and some consumers believed her, and knew nothing about whether there are purifying effect, which seriously affected consumers healthy drinking water.

   Fuzhou days of the Albert Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the days of Albert") Laiwen Min, general manager told reporters: "water purifier function is to filter impurities pollutants in water through its filter cartridge filter, the water reached safety and health standards for drinking water. effective water purifier can be more than 99% of the bacteria, impurities, filter out heavy metals, which depends on the filter water purifier. but according to the survey data show that over 75% of households change the filter non-standard, which is the largest water purifier market pain points. "


   it is precisely because there is such a filter effect, if not in time to replace the filter, but will become consumers buy water purifier It became the sewage, a water purifier and philosophy which is contrary to the market.

   "A lot of families because there is no timely to remind the replacement brands, or do not understand the importance of obtaining results in long-term replace the filter when the filter cartridge is saturated when the harmful substances in water not only will not be adsorbed, but also increase water quality pollution, secondary pollution generated serious than tap water 10 times or even 20 times. "Laiwen Min said.

   all sorts of harm is not timely replace the filter at a glance, but why is there such a market ills? It is understood that this situation leads to three main reasons, the first is the number of misleading propaganda, and the second is the consumer and not the popularity of this expertise, in addition to these two points than the real core reason is the traditional sales model water purifier market.

   Laiwen Min said: "The water purifier sales on the market is a one-time sales, follow-up question to replace the filter becomes a secondary issue of sales, communication is not timely and additional expenses, which has become the biggest obstacle to filter replacement."

   to address this market ills, the day the proposed smart Albert shared water purifier, launched a free change the filter, allowing users to replace the filter is no longer embarrassed, no longer could not find service providers. According to Lai Wenmin introduction, this model has created three modes: first, through the users mobile phone APP terminal, you can check the remaining amount of the filter at any time; second, a large company background monitoring data at any time to remind replace the filter; third, because it is leasing of water purification, filter free replacement, free labor, free supplies fee. Whereby mode, so that consumers can drink health, safe water.

   healthy drinking water has always been a topic of deep concern to consumers, in addition to the days of Albert, also we want to be able to offer the market more and more solutions to ensure healthy drinking water.


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