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Water purifier market will be more broad futurhealth and env

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favorable factors 1. Environmental issues are driving the development of power industry Water is the pillar of life, it is an element of human life. And in the end how our pillar? With appalling to describe is not enough, we have the water

favorable factors

1. Environmental issues are driving the development of power industry


Water is the pillar of life, it is an element of human life. And in the end how our pillar? With "appalling" to describe is not enough, we have the water is already unable to support a normal life for everyone. Every day, we look to see rivers, springs pools, they are only "scene", but rather the fact was too tragic, we have also thought of all, in fact, have only "abandoned." Status of such a serious water pollution, lead our lives in water, sediment, heavy metals, bacteria and so seriously overweight, creating the current situation, the status quo as a water purifier product of birth, we must accept the existence.

   2. To enhance consumer health consciousness and the concept of change

   With economic development, peoples living standards improve, and more and more satisfied with the basic needs of life, more people He began to pursue health. It is to promote universal health drinking water, drinking water quality people to understand the impact on the bodys deep, safe drinking water related to physical and mental health, but also can improve the quality of life. And by raising consumer awareness of healthy drinking water, water purification machines will not only help to improve penetration, but also improve the physical quality of peoples sense.

   3. The national policy support as a strong backing

   water purifier is universal, but the industry chaos. Lack of standard water purifier, water purifier market was mixed, good and bad coexist water purification products, advertising recount, illicit manufacturing and counterfeiting of repeated, violent vicious competition within the industry, severely affecting the entire industrys reputation and healthy development; this time, the development of national standards for water purifiers, water purifiers will regulate the production and product quality, clean water purifier market, making it a legal basis to promote the sustainable development of the industry, and thousands of families to drink more and more assured of quality drinking water. With the "water ten" "Thirteen Five" and the arrival of the water purification industry is wings, I believe the future can go further.

   4. Market competition and promote development of the industry

   water purifiers are becoming more and more families necessities of life. Consumer awareness of water purifier from scratch, from the assembly to the brand, after nearly two decades; and our water purifier market development after the formation to todays brand of war, thereCompetition will have development, vying wise man wins, I believe the brand competition will tend to make the industry more healthy development, so as to promote the development and expansion of the water industry.


   1. The messy market of products, choose not start

   The current domestic water purifier market was mixed, the market is not standardized, a lot of fake and shoddy products, an assumed name bad a pot of soup, people shudder, how to start such a status quo? and a number of water purification equipment, water purification soft water how to distinguish, understand how reverse osmosis ultrafiltration, and so not as clear about the concept popularized re-start.

   2. Inadequate supervision, market turmoil low

   barriers to entry, industry policy is not strict system of standards and access requirements, the influx of new businesses, small businesses and more backward technology, equipment etc. have caused confusion in the industry, the low degree of market recognition. Cottage products and styles, the price is not standard, so that consumers do not know how to distinguish, thus driving down the speed of development of the industry.

   3. enterprises to enter the market, the service has not kept pace

   service has been the business of winning a big trick, especially clean water as an emerging industry, has not been popularized by the public, service must keep up with the pace of sales, more customers will be attracted. Moreover, sales also reflect an important factor services, products need to have a humane, intelligent design, and highlights this advantage in sales, showing the products features to consumers, to achieve the purpose of promotion and marketing. So the service will be the winning business style all their own, companies must seize this opportunity.

   In summary, Chinas water industry due to the current problems of water pollution and potential prominent, and its development trend is enormous, and our domestic water purifier market product sales increased year by year also proved this point! a water purifier is directly related to peoples life and health of environmentally friendly products, it can be expected, as the best choice for home water purifier to solve the water pollution in our country will have a very broad market, but also from the characteristics of the product, the effectiveness of Obviously, combined with the rapid improvement of peoples consumption level and health consciousness, will soon step into the public water purifiers family.

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