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Water purification agents to join better to do- Wapurifis se

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a lot of attention to the water industry, water purification agent friend wanted to have produced a doubt: water purifier Agent better to do? Water purifiers sell it? Answer to this question may be to consider several aspects: first conside


a lot of attention to the water industry, water purification agent friend wanted to have produced a doubt: water purifier Agent better to do? Water purifiers sell it? Answer to this question may be to consider several aspects:


first consider how to market demand? Domestic water pollution situation is not very optimistic about the recent spate of year the water quality crisis, but more and more frequently, directly affects the normal drinking water safety of residents, water begins to transition to the market demand for hard goods, Chinas 1.3 billion people , nationwide complex of pollution of the environment, contains a huge market demand, coupled with changes in peoples awareness of health and safety, water purifier is no longer optional, but essential home market size, hundreds of billions have been peep.



a huge demand on the plain, then the product and whether the technology can meet the demand. Although the water purifier to enter China not long, it really began to promote a few years, but the industry is developing very fast, like Korean music such direct introduction of international advanced technology, experience and production equipment, water purifier brand in the industry there is a clear competitive advantage. Water purifier production technology is already quite perfect, and has entered the large-scale production, mature technology, lower costs, so now is a water purifier popularized golden age.


a, Gao Bugao threshold.


According to a comprehensive analysis of market research center for Korean music industry, water purification industry, the threshold is not high, first because the water purification industry is still in the early stages of development, the industry is not mature, and manufacturers need to agents work together, will give agents a lot of support; the second is water purification unit price is not high, does not require much capital; Third, domestic water purifier brand now has thousands of entrepreneurs manufacturers can select the appropriate according to their actual situation.


Shenzhen Han Yue water purification Technology Co., Ltd., is one of the State Ministry of Health approved, and specializes in water purifier and air purifier product development, production, sales and service of high-tech enterprises. In 2014, after the introduction of strategic investment, business is leaps and bounds, and has invested more than 20 million of research and development costs, have developed a "Shared Water", "intelligent empty net," "water machine aristocracy", "faucet water purifier" nearly 30 balance of new products;


Second, to understand whether the local market


Since the choice is local in water purificationThere is this demand, major local pollution is what type, how about water quality, how about the level of consumption, the Korean music vary widely established over 1000 m2 national laboratory water samples for water quality throughout, and independent construction net with an annual output of 200 million units water device clean production workshop, based on national, world, South Korea, Hong Kong star Eddie Kwan Lok brand to join together to create a star product, and sincere efforts to benefit more families healthy drinking water and adhere to struggle with.


Third, there is no sales experience.



there is no sales experience. It does not matter Han Yue manufacturers to provide systematic training, and resolutely implement one to one assistance, the promotion will sell guidance, product mix, the store to shop for a full range of subsidies help, real help agents franchisees do the local market. Support professional is to achieve the ultimate goal of a shortcut, Korean music marketing staff in-depth market support before, have been long-term training at headquarters and in the various market model. In water purification agent first understand the product, including a water purifier principle explain, demonstrate water purification, water purification knowledge sharing, product installation, aftermarket products and so on, and then combine the skills to sell. Selling water purifiers to the service requirements are relatively high.


Fourth, there is no channel resources and network resources. If there is a good network or channel resources, the water purifier sales will be very helpful, water purifier manufacturers also like to have the resources and strength of the agents cooperation, because it can grow. Of course, no resources for the agency, Han Yue manufacturers will vigorously support the gradual accumulation of resources in the operation process.


Fifth, if you like to learn. A persons level of understanding of the industry determines the person can go far in the industry. Do not understand it does not matter, water purification industry in China is still an emerging industry, a lot of people do not understand, as long as you keep learning, learning every day a little more than others, then you are in a dominant position of authority in the industry. Han Yue manufacturers of agents conduct training courses is training the basics of product, which is the foundation of water purification agents, it is the top priority.


well water purification agents is not difficult, in the absence of the intention to do if a car compared to the industry, water purification industry has just started like a sports car, you do not sports car now need to see what position, you only need to predict where the next minute sports car will go?

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