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Vantage -to win full refund- campaign scraper water purifien

时间:2020-06-24 19:35来源:Agency cooperation
After winning the French team, Vantage in the online public a detailed procedure for refund of the full amount. Subsequently, the matter scraper into the rhythm, not only the number of media reports, including the fields of news, finance, s

   After winning the French team, Vantage in the online public a detailed procedure for refund of the full amount. Subsequently, the matter scraper into the rhythm, not only the number of media reports, including the fields of news, finance, securities, household appliances and other newspapers and network media, basically involved now.

   More importantly, some of the media from quite weighty, timely follow-up, push the analysis of the article, part of the article widespread. Many in the community are also discussing this matter.




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   ramifications wide, far beyond the circle of people from Hi, truly become a hot social event together on Baidu Billboard July 16, the "Vantage start full refund" immediate concern of the hot first search, the search index to show more than 420,000.

   a company to do marketing events, can have such a performance in Baidu hot standings, is extremely rare.

   According to another study observed throughout the pan-home industry, where, even if it is placed in the last decade, a marketing event, its heat can rise to Vantage "win refund" on this level, few can match precedent.

   Even more interesting is that this kind of bet to win free single type planning, Vantage is not from the beginning, even the World Cup, there are several other companies are doing, such as Changhong, Wan and so on, and why only Vantage stand, made headlines.

   First, we first re-set at Vantage is how to do.

   time pushed back to May 30, Vantage shares announcement that:

   If the French team won the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Vantage will be at 0:00 on June 1st, 2018 to the period at 22:30 on June Ri 2018 purchase of the "win packages" of consumer full refund.

   At the time, Vantage on its own marketing channels, has released a special poster and the official seal of the lid with a full refund letter circulated on the Internet.

   should be the biggest mine, Vantage went to "Nanfang Dushi Bao", made a full-page ad, this statement be made public in the form of full-page ad, and then created a wave of small hot spots.

   draw focus: Compared to other companies in terms of marketing to win on the bet, or put the Vantage dare to spend money, after all, most companies that is in the shop, the official micro-wellThat is, the store put a few posters, did not see who is buying full-page in the "Nanfang Dushi Bao" This level of influence of traditional media. After

   activities launched, compared with similar promotions million and, Changhong, attention Vantage indeed pulled up a little, but not much higher.

   from Baidu index, June 29 and before the time, Vantage Baidu index basically fluctuate less in 1600.

   situation changes before and after July 1, and rise to No. 2 July peak, 18,000 direct immediate concern, this point in time is the critical period of distributors storm and win cash package intertwined. What

   The key point is what? Is the end of June, one thing suddenly happened, detonated Vantage win marketing.

   According to published reports at the time, June 29, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, the second Peoples Court issued a notice to adjudicate seized Beijing and Tianjin Vantage Gas Appliance Co., Ltd., Beijing and Tianjin have all stopped selling the product, after-sales , installation and distribution.

   According to Vantages marketing plan, the marketing costs will be borne headquarters and dealers together, the headquarters of paid electricity supplier channels, the dealer payline channels. There is speculation that the outside world, the way the dealer channel line payment "full refund" may scare the dealer. After

   news, public outcry, questioned the parties, the Vantages winning bet on the same become a hot spot, of course, and even led to stock prices.

   turn for the worse on July 2, the day of Vantage shares shot, issued a clarification announcement, which is explained this way: the seizure of the customers stock, listed companies take the initiative to eliminate the risk of property preservation behavior.

   For Wang Wei funding strand breaks, inventory problems, Vantage shares explained that after canceling a package of special sales policy, Beijing and Tianjin dealer Wang Wei did not adjust their thinking, slow speed channel development, product sales structure long-term unreasonable, resulting in slow shipping market, resulting in the accumulation of inventory scale.

   for the confidence crisis appeared on the market, Vantage said in a statement, "the companys commitment to ensure that consumer rights are not affected. Beijing and Tianjin markets to ensure normal activities and is starting judicial proceedings and protect everyone the legitimate rights and interests. "

   As the Vantage initiative, a comprehensive commitment by Beijing and TianjinDealers responsibility to effectively prevent the expansion of negative public opinion, did not lead to consumers around the return, refuse to buy other issues.

   nature, can do this very critical factor that Vantages own financial strength, with the initiative to bear responsibility for the collapse of the way to break the trust issues that may exist.

   situation after hindsight, because the manufacturers take the initiative to solve the problem, in the eyes of consumers, but it is not negative, but positive word of mouth, so that we see the strength of Vantage, Vantage also saw the sincerity of responsibility and ability.

   Subsequently, the refund for the full amount appearing on the market fears, Vantage has issued a special bulletin, which referred to: June 1, 2018 - between July 3, total retail sales of about offline channels 700 million, an increase of 20%, 7% of retail sales channels under "full refund" designated product line is busy, about 50 million yuan.

   online sales channels within the same period to 300 million yuan, an increase of 30 percent, "full refund" products accounted for 9.67 percent of online retail sales of about 29 million yuan.

   implies the need not retreat cost more than 79 million yuan. A dial-up wave of questioning, followed by wave after wave of announcing throws solutions continue to get things to a climax, rhythm back was still very much in place of grasp. Until the French team to win, Vantage occasion quick start full refund, successfully squeezed into the headlines.

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