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Water purifier industry Crossroads- out of contention ultraf

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This year, the industrial development direction of water purifiers, reverse osmosis is no longer a battle with two ultrafiltration technology camp, but on the user to enhance the quality of life, pioneered by NSP membrane chromatography tec

   This year, the industrial development direction of water purifiers, reverse osmosis is no longer a battle with two ultrafiltration technology camp, but on the user to enhance the quality of life, pioneered by NSP membrane chromatography technology and dominated by safe drinking water lifestyle change to healthy drinking water.



   "The most prominent is the Chinese water purification technology, and achieved a good balance between safety and health into account. This is very rare, because people pay attention to the safety of drinking water , more and more health conscious, with the NSP membrane chromatography technology, both pushed to new heights. the next side too will also saving energy and water resistance, adsorption cycle is lengthened, the adsorption efficiency decay slows down, focus on membrane chromatography technology innovation rather than fall into dispute reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration in. "

   A few days ago, in healthy Chinese Water Technology Summit & side too NSP membrane chromatography technology experts Tasting, Chinese Academy of Engineering Wang Hao listening to the side too NSP membrane chromatography technology introduction, and the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention from, after sharing technical experts and professors of units of the Institute of Chemistry, the environment of Tsinghua University, China film industry Association, a poem specially adapted Liu Yuxi of the Tang Dynasty "side too Yihe row of the cloud, it will lead poetry Households" Yihe row which take into account the health and safety of the cloud, they lead to a better life and poetry Households refers to the beautiful environment, the donor membrane chromatography technology too hopes and expectations.

   to enter the Chinese market has been 30 years of water purifiers, from 2012 to usher in a new round of consumer detonated boom, especially in 2014, a growth spurt in 2015, attracted more than one thousand enterprises to participate, and capital invested parties. However, after entering 2018 market slowdown, weak consumption, water purifier market into a downturn again development, rapid reduction in the number of companies, a large number of speculators initiative to withdraw in 2019.

   at a new crossroads in 2020, the future development direction of China water purifier industry, then where? Healthy Chinese water purification technology summit will undoubtedly give a clear answer as to the safety, interest in health. NSP original invention of membrane chromatography technology side too, the company has opened a new business channel on the occasion, will also open a new round of rising channel industrial development.

   The sleepy industry: reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration dispute

   to enter since 2020, China water purifier industry again Harvest "amount of profit slide down." Even exclude epidemic factors ShadowSound, consumer demand for online and offline water purifiers have been caught in a weak state. This is exactly the ripple effect from 2019 all the way down to the water purifier market.

   Looking at the current water purifier market, the number of enterprises from a peak of more than one thousand, but now active enterprises hundred, however, the product is still a reverse osmosis machine a dominant, accounting for up to retail market about 90%, while the ultrafiltration machine can only rans. However, the first-line market, a variety of corporate marketing tool filled with a lot of "exaggerated, Fudge and even deception" and other marketing content, uneven.

   the most representative, it is some of the water purifier business exhibition marketing and promotion of rural areas, while the "unrealistically high product prices," presented a large number of low-quality way of gifts, flicker user; the other side is "filtering wine and even pesticides" in order to exaggerate the reverse osmosis water purification function, users ignore the pursuit of healthy living; in addition, the promotion water purifier, a lot of companies do not provide users establish a correct view of consumption, and even the need for regular filter replacement product knowledge, are not passed, not to introduce reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and other low-grade gifted different water purifier.

   industry source told appliances circle: In recent years, small businesses and even a few large enterprises, in order to grab market orders, in total disregard of the healthy and sustainable development of the industry, ignoring user training health rational consumption habits, simple and crude large low price war to fight. From 5,000 to $ 6,000 of product all the way till two or three hundred dollars, and even appeared in more than 100 yuan a water purifier, there are "free to send water purifiers, installation costs by profit" abnormal mode.

   Behind this water purifier market spared from war, it is the camp of reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration machine contention. Currently, the market sales of water purifiers are mainly two: First, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration Second, both China imported from abroad, and the beginning of the birth not solve the drinking water problem of domestic market. For example, reverse osmosis desalination is to make the original, to solve the drinking water problem of some water-scarce countries. Due to the different technical principles, the current cost of a reverse osmosis membrane has been reduced to about $ 18, while the filtering accuracy between reverse osmosis, nanofiltration between ultrafiltration, although able to retain some minerals, but not as a reverse osmosis filtration efficiency for heavy metals, and high cost, low-cost advantage, they could not market penetration. This also led to results in reverse osmosis machine, ultrafiltration and other products through low-cost, rapidly leading market share.

   but whether it is a reverse osmosis water purification, or ultrafiltration water purifierIt is, for the safety of drinking water has been fundamentally resolved users, in the enjoyment of healthy water, but there is their short board. While heavy metal membrane can filter the water some of the harmful substances, retain some water and useful minerals, but not filter the water; reverse osmosis membrane can filter impurities in the water, but eventually flow out of the water molecules, so that the disappearance of a large number of minerals in the water .

   served as deputy director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention environment of Bai Xuetao says, "reverse osmosis water purifier fast pace of development in the Chinese market, the key is the Chinese people hate scale, reverse osmosis directly to various substances all filtering, there is no safety risk factors, but can not guarantee peoples health and drinking water. the drinking water for the health sector in principle, security is a prerequisite, health is the goal. to the safety of drinking water on the basis of, try to keep the water beneficial to human body minerals, this is the way forward. "

   road of change: Watch the film chromatography users healthy drinking water

   Although the water purifier industrial upgrading iteration direction has long been clear, but many enterprises restricted in short-term technology, only turn into a cheap grab orders for reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration two products, but can not really meet the rigid requirements of the user and the healthy development of the industry.

   water purifier market in China, although only a side too, "the latter to", but by virtue of 8 years, sword fold independent innovation, to capture water purifier core membrane technology, NSP invention membrane chromatography technology and eventually become a "game-changers" industry. As early as 2012, water purifiers side too started the project until 2019 before launching chromatography membrane water purifiers, industry driven out of the original technology factionalism and hit the user just need for healthy drinking water.

   in science and technology summit site, Mao Zhong Fang Tai Group Chairman and Chief Executive through video mode, sharing side too launched early heart and direction of the water purifier: create goodness products with benevolence, is the side too product development philosophy. We established a very clear line in the field of water purification technology, that is, "not only the removal of contaminants from water, while preserving the naturally occurring water on the beneficial minerals and trace elements, such water is really healthy water."

   In order to achieve the technology goals and ideals among the side too hesitate to spend eight years, invested several hundred million dollars developing the NSP membrane chromatography double-effect water purification technology, broke through in the field of water purification technology worldwide problem: both of heavy metal removal rates of up to 99%, but also the mostDahua retain beneficial minerals. Currently equipped with the technology side too water purifier on the market after 2019, quickly wave of the pursuit of quality of life of consumer recognition and trust.

   General Manager Dr. Liu Ge side too purification experimental data line shared membrane chromatography development process to a set of 8 years: more than 20 countries visited, several tests detect 10,000, 100 kinds of materials selection verification, 430 several improvements ...... these data are very boring numbers, reflecting the back side too is the R & D team in the course of which your effort, time-consuming, the harvest of what people need for healthy drinking water.

   State authorized report: the highest chromatographic membrane filtration rate of heavy metals up to 99%, and almost all of the membrane chromatography retention potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other mineral ions, to achieve selective filtration . China membrane separation technology leading experts in the field of high Congjie academicians believe that this subversive film technology in the field of water purification. Director of the Institute of Seawater Desalination utilization of Natural Resources Panxian Hui feeling more profound, he recalled the scene to: October 2017 we tested the product, then 28 machine inspection side too, and said that it has a heavy metal strong removal efficiency, but also to retain the minerals, "At that time I was skeptical, because never a water purification products, both to filter heavy metals also reserved minerals."

   "in accordance with the flow rate per 4000L, 100L through a level measurement, over 1000L, 2000L, 3000L, 4000L, when measured each node, and each node then spiked measured four heavy metals removal rate, lead, arsenic, CV, Ge, in accordance with 3 times the present value of drinking water, five times spiking amount is 50L, which is given me. after doing down, heavy metal removal rates are high only a little water production with some variations, this is really amazing, "Panxian Hui frankly, membrane chromatography technology is really good, should be vigorously promoted and applied.

   vice chairman of China Film Industry Association, Wang Jiwen pointed out that "water security, water, health discussion for many years, the last bit equal shares, and later proposed to the health of water under the premise of safety, side too membrane chromatography technology to come out of reverse osmosis membrane , ultrafiltration membrane outside of innovation, I am very happy, this is a major contribution to the health of water conservancy, very promising. party too as a responsible business, do high-end water, do to improve the quality of life of the people, todayAfter also continue to explore and advance in this direction. "

  " heavy metal removal membrane chromatography technology at 99%, but also to fully retain the minerals and other beneficial substances, the current technology can not achieve this effect many. With the future of this technology is mature, China water purifier can be applied to all NSP membrane chromatography technology, to improve the performance of their products, enhance our quality of life, "Academician Wang Hao finally to party too new in the development of the water industry ideas, and that is not satisfied with the water purifier market, but also to go up to promote the film industry-wide application of chromatographic techniques, bring the whole industry from across the water to secure healthy water

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