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Upstream change in the industry approaches thwater purifier

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real estate and home improvement industry is a huge industry related to the quality of survival of mankind, meanwhile, is a relatively decentralized, lacks a global brand in the industry. (Photos from the network, intrusion deleted) The aut

   real estate and home improvement industry is a huge industry related to the quality of survival of mankind, meanwhile, is a relatively decentralized, lacks a global brand in the industry.


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   The authors have estimated that stars based sub-sectors of the scale Zion Market Research, Statista and other research institutions, published in 2018, global home home improvement market size of $ 3.31549 trillion, and will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.95 percent. 2024, the global home improvement market size will reach $ 4,431,090,000,000. (Note: Here "home improvement" includes soft home, furniture, hardware installed, no other field of smart home, Housekeeping, after the home improvement market in the services sectors covered in this report as well as real estate and science and technology, taking home home improvement narrow definition.)



   in the home improvement industry, the growth rate has stabilized traditional industries, new technologies landing in a traditional industry into a new development increments.

   in December 2019, at the Annual Meeting of the World Innovation WIM, related media released the "2019 Global Technology Innovation family room & 50" list. Assessment dimensions, including the selection of the amount of financing, business valuation, technical barriers and other seven indicators, and based on investigations and understanding of the industry, selected from thousands of real estate and home improvement in technology start-ups out of the 50 possible to change the industry rules of the game startups.


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   By country of view, of the top companies in the United States, China, India 20,11,8 respectively, leading top companies. The main reason is: thanks to a fairly huge amount of the population, in the United States, Indias real estate and home improvement market has great potential, and there are not many at the transformation of the; at the same time, incoming capital to boost the US and India real estate home improvement and technological innovation, more new companies have been bred out.



   from the sub-sectors, of the top three companies are from the manufacturing, distribution channels and product and service innovation, to bring about change for the four sub-sectors, including real estate technology , new ways of home improvement, home of new retail and smart home. among them. The largest number of real estate technology companies on the list. (Note: This list will be onList company in accordance with its business model is divided into four sub-sectors, which are neither mutually exclusive nor exhaustive between real estate technology, new ways of home improvement, home of new retail and smart home, sub-sectors, according to the companies in this list concern related business within the scope and practical application scenarios are divided. )



   Real Estate Technology

   real estate technology is through science and technology to more effectively address within the real estate industry chain, including sales, leasing, development, marketing and the challenges of property management and other aspects, including the scope of its real estate trading platform, real estate, financial technology, long-term lease apartments, short rental platform, shared office, smarter buildings, prefabricated buildings.


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   From the financing point of view, the wave of real estate about the rise of science and technology in 2014-2015, and since 2017 swept the large-scale industry, the first half of 2019, the real estate investment in science and technology within six months reached $ 13 billion, exceeding the annual total of 2017. So far in 2013, 60% of the financing for the real estate field of science and technology flows to the total population, large density of Asia. We can say that Asia is the most promising real estate technology of a continent.

   belong to the list of "manufacturing sectors," the wisdom of buildings, prefabricated buildings, and subordinate to the "distribution channels link" in the real estate transaction platform, long-term lease apartments for short rental platform focused on five tracks attention. In the manufacturing part of the real estate industry, we captured with the US Built Rrobotics represented by building robot research and development company, Japans Andpad as the representative of the construction site management software providers to Blokable Canada, represented fabricated building company .

   in distribution channels link the real estate industry, we capture to Holidu Germany, represented by short rental platform to Chinas Curie new house represented a new house electricity supplier to Indias Stanza Living, represented by for students, long-term lease apartments to Singapore, represented by real estate trading platform for young people.

   real estate technology real estate industry has brought three major changes throughout the industry chain: improving the efficiency of real estate planning; change the way people use buildings and the construction of the way; to create a more fair and transparent payEasy to market. Technology continued to fall, we are changing the real estate industry professionals and consumer awareness and behavior patterns.


   Overall, one of the major technological transformation of the real estate and home improvement industry, this technology is the real estate sub-sectors.

   In the wave of reform in science and technology, B-side of the production, management, delivery efficiency has been a certain degree of upgrading, new products and services have been created; the C-terminus of the information asymmetry problem gradually resolved, consumers the family home experience and life experience are becoming more efficient and smooth.

   At the same time, real estate and pan-home industry, there are still a lot of pain points, technologies for transformation of the industry remains to be continued to deepen, these new technology companies in the future will also face greater challenges. Whether it is affected by market conditions or product development bottlenecks and Iteration, all companies must go through the process, but also the cost of industry transformation required.

   (articles and Source: billion euros net, invasion deleted)

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