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Talking about how Marco Polo water purifiers joined agents d

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In recent years, the rapid development of water purification industry, both in the home building materials stores or can be seen in the area of 鈥嬧媤ater purification appliance stores, and the shop is still the choice for many water pur

   In recent years, the rapid development of water purification industry, both in the home building materials stores or can be seen in the area of 鈥嬧€媤ater purification appliance stores, and the shop is still the choice for many water purification machines agents, from traditional retail excessive brand stores to franchise stores; however, whether into the store or shop, how to do marketing to increase sales, a water purifier to join the agency most concerned about the issue, after years of environmental change and market channels water purifier market changes Chinas water purification industry is a new baptism and channels reforms. Water purifier market in the face of fierce competition and challenges to fight to fight, water purification industry once again shuffling the history of reincarnation, water purification agents to survive and develop, how to stand out in a competitive market in the water purifier, water purifier that an agency should be prepared to battle to win on the battlefield hurried retreat, should practice good internal strength, ready to fight in order to do it, "kill the mutant," the truth. Under water purifier market becomes more mature market competition, increasing market competition situation, second and third tier market is more water purifier is the main market of the world, when it has, water purification agents with such the reason why the mission to be able to stand out in the market, the competition out of the confusion, the fact that a large number of water purification agents can not be avoided, only to escape the legacy of history, symptoms are present, to be solved in order to better pave the way for the later development of a good foundation . So, the case of water purification agents for a difficult time when the energy should be resolved, choose the best methods and measures to resolve this, to be able to grasp the actual situation in the market of its own advantages operations to complete such historical problems persist, will have a qualitative leap. The point is that the battlefield victory, the first compulsory internal strength, to develop marketing strategies on the battlefield must be well prepared, will have a good basis for success, just bring too quickly ended in failure when the unprepared. That the "Art of War" book, "Art of War battle, battlefield courage, should be prepared to fight." "Know thyself, ever-victorious." Road. So think, water purification agents face cosmetic marketplace, there must be consistent with the strategic market and win market, breaking the end, we must win sales practice good internal strength, and more adept at learning and research, not only on a detour. Water purifier market strategy - water purification agents how to take the initiative for the current water purification agents, it is the channel of the local course of the process, how solid playing safe fishing, prepare the ground water purification franchise stores, many of the courses are compulsory water purifier terminal business. TheseYears, the terminal market, messy different market channels, product sales are nondescript, terminal water purifiers miscellaneous shop is many different varieties, resulting in a lot of different end consumer consumption concept, afraid to buy agents say is up to the kind of results less water purifier, do not buy it was not any use statistics. Under this, water purification agents have such distress, their shop is not a good choice for local water purification needs of water purification products can not satisfy local consumers, and therefore water purification agents should be targeted choice good products, so consumers will be willing to accept. On stage, the water purifier market, the variety of specialty stores at the same time, water purification agents want to put their own brand to sell out, you want to win the market, consumers win, Lee should take quick means of terminal sales. Chinas consumer spending when there is the principle of "seeing is believing" habitual bit more, there is a consumption habit "advertising effect" form, there is a terminal is "experience test" spending habits. Advertising spending habits effects - often not concerned about the actual situation of the terminal and did not really understand the product or hear people say good product consumption habits, just listen to the word of mouth advertising to get the spending habits, "experience test" spending habits - often by the actual end product publicity and try to get to experience the effect of word of mouth, which would allow more end consumers learn more consumer information and products, and products that use the function effect of the product, so As a consumer product acceptance rate will be high, the success rate is relatively high pay. Water purification agents to local conditions to take a different terminal measures, how to implement? Water purifiers top ten brands of water purifiers Marco Polo think this is a water purifier from the local agent to market conditions to decisions, not for consumption throughout the country Like, take marketing strategies are strange practices. He believes that water purifier franchise stores to develop the Chinese market from local characteristics of the policy process, from the actual status of the local market to be staged, the local spending power, consumer habits, the local characteristics of other factors to implement. The specific operation, Marco Polo purifier for the agent franchisee detailed summary of the following three processes: First, the brand of rational choice and the price is right for the position. 1. Select the water purifier brand franchise stores should be selected in line with market requirements, how to brand awareness, how to market context, price can meet local consumers. 2. Does the water purifier brand agency to do long-term planning and optimization of marketing channels, water purification agents have not made theMarket terminal marketing strategies and programs. 3. How does the water purifier brand agency rational choice, choose what kind of product in order to meet the local market price, whether to bring more choice and leeway to meet local consumers. Second, the characteristics of the store and store layout. 1. Water Purifier unique franchise stores do attract more consumers can quickly reach the shops, water purification agents should be carefully planned, designed to create a good cultural personality of the water purifier franchise stores, which in turn easy for consumers to buy water purifier impressive in consumer products and shopping of people passing by and then not, this will be conducive to more consumers to patronize, will be more consumers to buy more and more protection pay. 2. unique, personalized water purifier franchise stores, will often form their own cultural characteristics and consumption concept store, it is a good brand and cultural characteristics of the franchise stores for consumers to create and transport unique, recurrent spending habits habit. 3. Conventional water purification franchise stores rational distribution, according to the layout of the area to adjust the size and characteristics of the image of the whole concept of the store, the store layout area, shops store layout is good and bad, will directly affect the sales of the store, but also inconvenience to the consumer, high school low-priced reasonable display area to bring convenience to consumers and meet consumer. Third, the professional training system and a unique marketing strategy. 1. The water purifier sales to consumers and dealers to win, first of all the lack of a professional training system and promotion strategy, how to do to meet the standard water purification franchise stores, to do their own planning and requirements should their professional knowledge, water and cultural knowledge, product knowledge, sales skills, professional knowledge to consumers through observation side. 2. the actual situation and the characteristics of the local market analysis, made in accordance with local spending power and consumption habits characteristic of terminal sales strategies to win the hearts and minds of consumers to buy, offer constantly emption of the first to send a gift activities, membership points, gift big run, happy to receive favorable consumer gifts and other promotional strategies. Looking at the current water purifier market becomes more mature, management philosophy and forward the standardization of processes, water purification agents to be able to get a good development, water purification franchise stores operating rules and operating procedures of the pipe should be metaphysical, metaphysical pour it will lose. As the saying goes:. "Shun Walker must succeed, retrograde and defeat those who advertised" This water purifier agents in order to better do a good job marketing.

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