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Talking about the science of water purification wer purifiac

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What is activated charcoal? Then you enter the activated carbon black world charm with talent trees. I believe that many consumers buy water purifiers, water machine, service personnel activated carbon will introduce what is, and what the r

   What is activated charcoal?

   Then you enter the activated carbon black world charm with talent trees.

   I believe that many consumers buy water purifiers, water machine, service personnel activated carbon will introduce what is, and what the role of activated carbon.

   in the market for a variety of water purification activated carbon, leading to false ones, good or bad quality is difficult points.

   In order for consumers to understand a system of activated carbon, the following talent trees collected an article on activated carbon, we hope to help correct understanding dark elves from nature - activated carbon.

   Activated Carbon history


   Activated carbon (Carbon) is a very good adsorbent, it is the use of charcoal, coconut shell, husk and various quality coal as a raw material , by physical and chemical methods of raw material crushing, screening, catalyst activation, rinsing, drying and screening a series of processes from manufacturing.

   Activated carbon is notorious starts from the First World War.

   during the

   In 1915 the First World War, the Germans used the terrible new weapons to British and French troops - chemical chlorine gas 180 000 kg.

   British and French soldiers five thousand people died on the spot, the injured have fifteen thousand people. The "spear" inevitable disclosure would "shield", there will be an inevitable chemical gas antivirus invention weapons.

   After two weeks, military scientists have invented a protective chlorine poison weapons.

   However, if the enemy to switch to the second gas, the former anti-virus weapons can not do anything. We must find a way for any gas will lose toxicity of a substance to do.

   This universal antidote was in late 1915 scientists found, it is activated. In 1917, the warring parties in the gas masks are fitted with activated carbon.

   toxic degree of harm to the warring soldiers will be greatly reduced.

   With the intensification of global environmental pollution, war and from activated carbon into the lives of ordinary people, which is widely used in water purification, sewage treatment plants and so on.

   Since the activated carbon adsorption, and catalytic properties of certain chemical reactions, but also has a physical, chemicalThe relative stability and is widely used in almost all sectors of the national economy and peoples daily lives.

   Activated carbon species

   Since the sources of raw materials, manufacturing method, the external shape, different applications, less than 1000 kinds of activated carbon species:

   鈶?Press source of raw materials

   wood activated

   mineral starting active carbon

   other starting material of activated carbon

   activated carbon regeneration

   the production method 鈶?

   can be divided into chemical activated carbon (char chemical)

   activated carbon Physics

   chemical - physical or physical - chemical activated carbon

   in accordance with the external shape 鈶?

   powdered activated carbon (the PAC)

   Granular activated carbon (the GAC)

   activated carbon fiber (the ACF)

   sintered activated carbon

   activated Carbon

   black power [ 123]

   application of the activated carbon in water treatment problems

   activated Carbon (GAC) has been widely used in a conventional water treatment process and depth.

   Due to the physical characteristics of the activated carbon itself - strong adsorption capacity, it can be used to determine the water adsorption unpleasant taste, chlorine, bleaching and the like. It has become one of the most mature and most effective method for removing organic contaminants from water.

   Study of Tsinghua University, found that activated carbon mutagenic substances are also generated chlorinated water removal effect.

   In the activated carbon treatment, in particular for the purification of drinking water treatment apparatus, there is also a problem can not be solved.

   i.e., activated carbon media contamination itself.

   It is like a super sponge, while a large number of adsorption of toxic and hazardous pollutants, in its pores will breed a lot of bacteria.

   Experimental results show that when using the activated carbon filter to a certain time, a large number of activated carbon adsorption to organic pollutants, and chlorine having a bactericidal effect not exist after the easy propagation of microorganisms ; decomposition of the organic matter at the interface of the activated carbon under the action of microorganisms, organic nitrogenGradually increasing the decomposition of protein nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen, the activated carbon filter so that the nitrite content of the water.

   In summary, the role of activated carbon in the home water purifier products pivotal seen, a home water purifier installation necessary!

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