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Water purifier before and aftwork to do tjoin Agent

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China Building Materials News: If the terminal market is a water purifier manufacturers to the forefront, the agent franchisee directly to consumers is the vanguard of the water purifier manufacturers, its importance is self-evident. water

   China Building Materials News: If the terminal market is a water purifier manufacturers to the forefront, the agent franchisee directly to consumers is the vanguard of the water purifier manufacturers, its importance is self-evident.


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water purifier to join Agent before and after work to do (Photo from Internet)

   water purification industry 20 years of development, net water heater manufacturers and agents franchisees have had good cooperation, part of the agency franchisees and purifier manufacturers to common development and achieve win-win situation. But there are many agents franchisees and purifier manufacturers in the course of business discord, and ultimately Laoyanfenfei, agents franchisee or change jobs or live on their own, resulting in a small water purifier industry, big brands, mom and pop and more, front shop and more formats that fierce price wars, low-quality products flooding the market. This situation, water purifier manufacturers and agents to join the two sides have a responsibility. Some water purifier manufacturers simply investment, inadequate investment in water purification product design, quality, and brand management, proxy franchisee training and support have not done enough, resulting in the proxy franchisee fighting alone, it is difficult in a highly competitive market survival, only "fly alone" and eventually parted ways and the water purifier manufacturers. The proxy franchisee ignore the slightly water purifier own development, it is also an important reason. Acting franchisee directly to end market, consumers, their demand for the most knowledgeable about the market, in the absence of support of manufacturers under, how strong, this is a problem most proxy franchisees need to consider.

   Prior to learn more about the

   a qualified agent franchisee which aspects need to do? I am afraid this will be a variety of answers, regardless of the answer, water purifiers top ten brands Springs Lu summarizes the following three aspects.

   Acting franchisee to have sufficient understanding of the economic level in your area. How the regional consumption level market, consumer groups in several grades, divided its market price affordable high-capacity water purifier how much, which currently several grades of water purifier brand in the respective numbers of local agents to join their market how well, whether it is strong.

   By this after some investigation comparison, do a pretty good idea of 鈥嬧€媡he regional market situation, go to see which grade water purifier in the local have more space, according to their economic strength, can make their own judgment which end brands before decidingDo not add to the water purification industry. To learn more about the water purifier brand. To be the agent of water purifier brand to thoroughly understand clearly how the brand strength, brand awareness, design, management, product quality, production capacity, and so have a full understanding of the boss man. Multi-examine some of the brand, after comparison, find their own brand. Some preliminary work to do as far as possible, to avoid impulse decisions were wrong, and this is a good beginning of cooperation. After

   After joining to heart

   become a water purifier brand agency franchisees, we must adopt a positive attitude towards the market. Part of agents franchisees operating in the process, completely dependent on the manufacturers left the factory could not operate independently, please factory training, please manufacturers instructions, by the manufacturer orders ...... this can only help children grow up to become, in their own growth of no benefit.

   and some agents are not open-minded franchisees, some small problems on cooperation, not based on the resolve it by themselves, but manufacturers complain that the service is not in place, such as the accumulation of small problems and more, resulting in a growing rancor the more, eventually had parted ways with the manufacturers. In fact, manufacturers of cooperation between the two sides also need to careful management, mutual understanding, mutual support, good interaction in order to form a good partnership. Acting franchisee to end customers, both customer service, is also the manufacturer of the vanguard, scouts, put the information collected in the first-line market timely feedback to the manufacturers, and good advice to manufacturers, and ultimately achieve a win-win.

   in the course of business, the proxy franchisee must take the initiative to actively explore the market, establish good connections in multi-local, rapid expansion of sales, in order to get more support of manufacturers. Acting franchisee but also to be a conscientious, understanding the connotation of water purifiers, combined with the lifestyle of local residents, to address the shortcomings and deficiencies agent products, increase communication skills, customer confidence.

   To obtain approval of the local market, Agents reputation is crucial. Limited regional market range, a bad event spread, will form a deadly effect, the same will be a good event to bring more order to the agent franchisee. Repeat customers, as well as introduce regular customers is very important. I once interviewed in Guangzhou, has many years of experience in a water purification agents to join, ask the agent what the most important brand. The agent replied franchisee, the most important is the "word of mouth", no reputation, AgentS my business bigger.

   At the operational level, the agent franchisee to have a deep understanding of water purification products. How quality hardware accessories, is environmentally friendly, with a deeper understanding of these, in order to urge the timber with water purifier manufacturers to choose high-quality manufacturers. In water purification intention is very important to pay attention to detail.

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