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Through Liangshui, see Beijing pollution _ Tim net water pur

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Through Liangshui, see Beijing Water Pollution Author: Tim net water purification Views: 578 Time: 2016-8-25 9:47:23 Tim net water purifier water purifier Liangshuihe throughout Beijing, a total length of 68.4 km of Liangshui, watershed pop

  Through Liangshui, see Beijing Water Pollution Author: Tim net water purification Views: 578 Time: 2016-8-25 9:47:23 Tim net water purifier water purifier Liangshuihe throughout Beijing, a total length of 68.4 km of Liangshui, watershed population up to 4.5 million, the river there are individual name "smelly river" from the part of the waters emit bursts of odor. Liangshui governance process, in fact, is the epitome of Beijings water pollution control. Although over the years the water sector to take a variety of control measures, but due to the rapid growth of population basin, sewage treatment facilities can not keep up, pollution effects appear repeatedly. The positive is, since 2013, Beijing started the battle pollution, efforts continue to overweight, the public are strongly black-odor water body to take measures to solve the problem, Liangshuihe in the near future to solve its odor problems. But in the context of Chinese fast-growing cities, as well as how many like Liangshuihe so tired river? More to the downstream water the foul tributary of sewage straight row recently, some people told reporters reflect governance 20 years of Liangshuihe and "smell" the so that residents living in the river cope with their owners. Liangshui originated Shougang retreat drains, flows through Haidian, Xicheng, Fengtai, Daxing, Chaoyang and Tongzhou six districts, a total length of 68.4 km, is the flood drainage channel in southern central city of Beijing Shijingshan District. South Fourth Ring of the river upstream, the river is still very clear, from time to time to see residents playing in the river. However, starting from the South Fourth, the downstream quality worse, some of the tributaries is stench. South Fourth Ring Road from the bridge to the Temple of red pomegranate Heung Bridge in the City of Victoria, less than two kilometers away, the river began to muddy, and with obvious smell. Next Liangshui near Yizhuang There are many large community, a security which CITIC Metro has worked for several years here, he said: "We are all called tube Liangshuihe smelly river, the buildings residents do not dare to open the window in the summer. "one resident told reporters:" a wind, the taste is heard governance into the house many times, but still flavored "Beijing water Authority staff Liangshuihe management Office, although in recent years the residents on water foul. complaints has dropped, but the number is still a lot. Where smelly water from the river? Reporter site visits found in the upper reaches Yizhuang area, next to the river a few kilometers on the concentration of nearly 10 sewage outfall. The surrounding residents, part of the sewage outfall has straight dayThen discharged into the river. Compared to the main river, a tributary of the situation of some of the more shocking. Garonne in small tributary Liangshui South Fourth Ring outside, the channel almost filled trash and litter, dark green water floating plastic bottles, "embedded" in the water as the oil solidified after cooling, malodorous. The south side of the river bank, a waste recycling stench of sewage drains discharge directly to the river, north of the cement mixing station and another waste recycling, gray water near the cement mixing station cement-like presentation. Property repair was not pretty sewage supporting Beijing Water Authority Liangshuihe Management Department official said that at present the main reason Liangshui pollution is not complete interception, treatment plant overflow, black-odor tributary not yet cure. According to reports, Liangshuihe annual water demand is 100 million cubic meters, can only rely on the upper reaches of the sewage treatment plant to the coast with the river water, which is "inherent." From upstream to downstream at present only the Marco Polo Bridge, Ng Ka Tsuen, Xiaohongmen, Yizhuang and Fangzhuang five sewage treatment plants, due to the small sewage treatment plant construction, lack of processing power, a large number of untreated sewage discharge back to the river again. Currently the focus is still the main channel Liangshuihe governance, a number of black-odor similar to a small tributary of the Garonne yet to governance. Reporters found that behind these appearances, the more important reason is the lack of planning and hysteresis. Beijing Water Authority, in recent years, the rapid development of the region south of Beijing, built a lot of Liangshuihe coastal residential area, but did not complete the construction of sewage treatment plants and municipal sewage pipeline, and the industry gathered, only sewage directly into the river. In the absence of processing power, we do not want to discharge sewage impossible, but to take some temporary pollution control measures. "We feel this paragraph is the most stressful." Liangshui standing near the edge of Beijing Palazzo Vecchio, Ahmed, deputy director of Shun Liangshuihe Management Office, told reporters jiugong because there is no municipal sewer line, a lot of sewage into the river previously only straight row , resulting in water quality here Serious and downstream river basins significantly deteriorated. Currently, Liangshui here set up a temporary administration in pollution control stations, although after sewage treatment is not yet standard, but significantly lower levels of pollutants. Meanwhile staff taking spray biological agents and growing aquatic plants in the water outlet means of suppressing the occurrence of odor of water. "These measures still can not fundamentally solve the problem of sewage straight row of jiugong." Shun said Ahmed, jiugong sewage per day more than 60,000 tons, temporary pollution control station only a preliminary deal with 45,000 tons in the new former sewage treatment plant is enabled, in-line orinevitable. Deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Planning and Land Resources Management Committee Zhou Nansen said: "The fundamental reason is sewage straight row of people, places, rooms failure to plan effectively controlled." According to reports, before, no impact assessment carried out before the water project construction project, often funds projects, the scale of delineation, it was found beyond the local sewage treatment capacity. Until then it was too late to remedy, most likely new sewage straight into the river, polluted water. In 2014, Beijing Impact Assessment review Chaoyang, Haidian, Fengtai, Tongzhou, Daxing five pilot counties water in 2015 to promote the city.

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