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Water purifier filtclassication Daquan untie you buy doubts

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cartridge type water purifier There are many different cartridges have different effects. So, what kind of water purifier filter it? Xiao Bian together and look at water purifier filter classification Daquan it! water purification filters E

   cartridge type water purifier There are many different cartridges have different effects. So, what kind of water purifier filter it? Xiao Bian together and look at water purifier filter classification Daquan it!




water purification filters Encyclopedia classification unwound you buy doubts (picture from the network)

   First, the cartridge type water purifier

   1, activated carbon filter

   activated carbon filter products are two major categories: compression type activated carbon filter, activated carbon filter bulk.

   Compression type activated carbon filters: High adsorption of activated carbon from coal and coconut shell activated carbon as filter material, be a food grade adhesive sintered compression molding. Both inside and outside the activated carbon filter are compressed wrapped with a layer of non-woven fabric has a filtering effect to ensure that toner will not fall carbon core itself, both ends of the carbon core with a soft NBR gasket core loaded cartridge char having good seal.

   type bulk carbon filter: The activated carbon particles required into a special plastic housing, the end cap weld with welding equipment at both ends of the both end surfaces of the housing, respectively, into the housing of the functional filtration nonwoven fabric filter effect, when used to ensure that the carbon core and black toner will not fall. According to the needs of customers, the housing cap may be made of different types of connecting ports. Interface methods are: flat compression, pipeline.

   2, PP filter

   PP PP meltblown filter cartridge is also called melt-blown polypropylene microfiber filter cartridge made of entangled melt, the fibers are randomly formed in the three-dimensional microporous space structure, dimensional hole size gradient distribution in the filtrate flow, surface of the collector, the deep, fine fine filter in one of different size may be trapped impurities. Precision range 0.5-100 [mu] filter, which flux is equal to 1.5 times or more the accuracy of the peak of the filter housing can be configured to cover different types of connectors, to meet the needs of a variety of installation.

   3, the ceramic filter element

   are novel ceramic filter Green filter using diatomaceous earth clay as a raw material, prepared by using a special method of molding techniques. The average pore size of only 0.1渭m, is currently the highest precision filter cartridge. Now the net is easy Pureeasy, mainly Swiss Katadyn water purifier filter using this technique.

   The use of the ceramic filter element are: water, solid was removed by micro-chemical plating solution, in tap waterTablets, liquid carbon filter element organic impurities is removed. Filtration, pushing the solution via the pump, the flow through the filter cartridge and, in addition to the particulate filter was separated, the solution was filtered and then back to the core tube through the plating solution tank or cylinder. Indeed, the paper also can filter out fine particles, but different role with the filter, the filter paper is on the surface of filters to remove particulates, and the filter cake is hidden among the yarn, its surface area is much larger than the filter paper.

   4, resin filter

   The resin is a porous, insoluble exchange material. Softener resin filter built with millions of fine particles of resin beads (beads), all pellets contain many negatively charged ion exchange sites of the absorbent positive. When the resin is in the newborn status? Sodium ion charge exchange these positions is occupied by a positively charged. When the calcium and magnesium through the resin tank, which contact with the resin beads to replace the sodium ions from the exchange position. Binds preferentially with a strong cationic resin charged, the charge of the calcium and magnesium ions stronger than sodium ions. Substituted sodium cation resin and then downwards through the "bed, effluent water softener, water softener so it sends the" soft "water. Finally, all the resin exchange sites are occupied by calcium and magnesium, and then the work can not be performed.

   [ 123] used as a water softener filter, after filtration through the resin regeneration agent (softener salts) are commonly used time reproduction and flow regeneration; currently the most advanced international Germany soft water, using the time / flow dual process control technology, reduce water consumption and a resin regenerant, environmentally friendly energy.

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