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Two pain points users ferret moth net electricalrospects

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I want to buy to meet the needs of the baby drinking water purification products? There are no recommendations? This is a child just one months relatives sent to reporters a message. In fact, with the air pollution problems have become incr

   "I want to buy to meet the needs of the baby drinking water purification products? There are no recommendations?" This is a child just one months relatives sent to reporters a message. In fact, with the air pollution problems have become increasingly prominent in recent years, air purifiers and water purifiers are more and more consumers are concerned.


   Previously, the relatives have always believed that there is no need to install water purifiers, but the child was born only a month, they changed this idea. Many companies is to see this demand of consumers, we launched focusing on maternal and child market of air purifiers and water purifiers and other products, deep market segments. Meanwhile, the 2016 "Comprehensive second child" policy ground, it carries a dividend policy for the mother and child two net electrical appliances.

   industry poised

   With the gradual development of the industry to high-end appliances and fine, under the impetus of "full two children" and other policies, a growing number of companies have introduced specially environment for maternal and child products market. Haier, Midea, sun rain, Honeywell, Yadu, 3M, Hansixier, Austrian Secretary Ting, Aibo music, SKYISHAIR and other brands have launched two maternal net electrical appliances, and even companies as its annual flagship product . "Baby every day contact with water and air, but now peoples living environment is not very good. Baby is very sensitive population, greater environmental problems caused." American SKYISHCEO and product development director Ding Mingming in talking about why two mother said net electrical concern, "most families are willing to pay for the babys health, these people pay more attention to security rather than price when selecting products."

   the industry generally believe that the safety and health , the main reason is to promote maternal and child electrical environment concern. According to the US person in charge, after analysis of the purchase of the crowd of more than 50% of the water purifier because buyers are prepared pregnant, pregnancy or for the health of children and decided to buy. Childrens health is a key factor contributing to consumers to make purchase decisions. Therefore, the United States launched a water purifier specifically for maternal and child market.

   due to the current maternal and child two electrical net in this market segment has just started, did not find a third-party authoritative statistics on the number of terms of brand, market size, etc. According to the current situation, with the markets most common warm milk, disinfection and other maternal and child appliance industry is different is involved in maternal and child two net appliances are mostly familiar brand air purifiers and water purification productsBrand, it is difficult to see the focus on maternal and child home appliance brand presence.

   reporters in Jingdong Mall enter "mother water purifier" key words were searched 20 brands, more than 100 product models, highest-selling products has more than 8000 evaluation; enter "maternal air when purification ", a total of 90 search product in the sale of 13 brands, the highest number of sales of product evaluation over 1100. Liu Yan Shan Beijing Ai Le Pu Technology Co., Ltd. Regional Manager, said: "Although a lot of the number of maternal and child involved two companies net electrical appliances market, such as the production of maternal and infant stage air purifier enterprises have dozens, but the industry is yet to come leader. "

   Features outstanding

   As the audience crowd more unique, distinctive environment for maternal and child market research appliances. First, consumers are demanding mother of two electrical net Forced enterprises to improve product quality. Liu Yan Shan said: "For example, to take into account, pregnant women and infants on air quality and higher requirements when developing air purifiers, and therefore more of the technical requirements, the more stringent the same time, the noise also need to pay attention.." An industry with respect from a technical point of view the product to meet customer needs is not difficult, the real difficulty is how to tap the real needs of maternal and child population.

   water and the air are in direct contact with the infant, demanding consumer products. Oukai Wei, the official said, is not only functional, design, consumer goods and materials, filter more professional attention. "Buy two maternal net electrical consumers, it is hoped to make childrens lives healthier environment. Therefore, water purifiers all materials in direct contact with water, whether it will produce secondary pollution is very important because precipitates, air purifiers whether the material volatile can not be ignored. "

   The reason why there will be a net electrical mother two industry segments, mainly special audience crowd. "Air purifier, for example, infant breathing air level lower than in adults, and the general air circulation air purifier height of adult-themed; crawl and walking the baby, because curious to touch the product, so the outlet needs a narrower gap, also need to add the child lock, anti-dumping and other design. "Ding Mingming said. Water purifiers will be based on the needs of mothers and babies, the product function adjustment. According to Sun Rain person in charge, because the infant gastrointestinal fragile, and require the use of milk powder against the red water, therefore, maternal and child sun rain water purifier customized 5 heavy purification system to remove miscellaneousQuality, chlorine, organic matter, bacteria and viruses, heavy metals and other hazardous water pollutants washed milk healthy baby, and increased milk preparing a key function in the water purifier, i.e., 10 seconds a safety glass, a suitable temperature.

   In addition, the market also appeared mother of the infant population and weak resistance susceptible to postpartum designed bathing water purifier. An industry source said the woman during the "confinement" postpartum, immunity greatly reduce the need to be careful in terms of post-natal care, thus ensuring clean bathing water, will help protect the health of the mothers body recovery. To this end, the United States in May 2017 launched a maternal and child bathing water purifier. According to the US person in charge for postpartum pain points, the United States of maternal and child bathing water purifier using medical grade sterilization membrane filter, effectively filter the water of E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans and other bacteria and microorganisms, while You can remove chlorine and impurities.

   However, not all businesses are considered a separate division in the field of maternal and child the necessary two net electrical breakdown. When reporters asked why did not launch air purifiers specifically for mother and child, the responsible persons by air purifier market share ranking among the best, said: "I think a good product fully meet the needs of mothers and children, such as mute, high purification efficiency, child lock and other basic functions are taken into account during product development. some companies just take mother and child as a product gimmick, but the nature of the product does not change. "

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