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The delegation walked into the campus drinkg water equipment

时间:2020-06-24 06:30来源:Industry news
March 15, China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment Ministry of Education committee joint logistical equipment research and development centers into the campus drinking water equipment Qingdao delegation into

   March 15, China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment Ministry of Education committee joint logistical equipment research and development centers into the campus drinking water equipment Qingdao delegation into the region, focusing visited the Haier Group, Qingdao University High School Affiliated and held a forum.


   Deputy Secretary General of China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment segment core committee, Chen Yingqi Director of the Ministry of Education Educational Equipment Research and Development Center at the School logistical equipment, Xin Min engineer Vice Minister Deng Zhe, Chinese Academy of household appliances health appliances analysis and testing Center, Shandong Province, Feng Junhua director of the Center for educational technology equipment, Diya Feng Chief, Primary and Middle Schools logistics management service center director Jiang Wenyi, Qingdao City district Education Sports Bureau official , the principal representative of water quality testing and Bowen Societe Generale chairman Zhao Baoyun a pedestrian visit under the leadership of Haier commercial water purification Chen Peng, general manager of Haier Group, shared a taste of Chinese pride, the most valuable brands - Haier aboard the ship in business the history of the development process, creating a Chinese national enterprises to the world of yet another legendary.




   visited Haier Hall

   After the visit, the delegation and Qingdao City education sector representatives, principals and other issues held a forum on the status of Qingdao campus drinking water.


   meeting site

   At the meeting, Chen Yingqi Commissioner said that the campus drinking water problems by the Ministry of Education attaches great importance to the center of logistical equipment, through research schools drinking water situation, visited the drinking water equipment manufacturer, can be more systematic in-depth knowledge of the drinking water situation and solve the technical ability and scientific programs. To solve the health problems of campus drinking water, drinking water facilities on campus drafting relevant standards provide important reference. Chen Yingqi Director


   Ministry of Education Educational Equipment Research and Development Center at the School of logistical equipment

   core segment deputy secretary-general, said, "business is people, culture is the soul, "is inseparable from the cultural roots spread far and wide national education. Childrens healthy growth we need the community of common concern, the association to focus on the health campus drinking as a starting point, at the same time provide good service for the industry should also take on more social responsibility. Thus AssociationWe will understand the current situation in the health problems of drinking water and widespread misunderstanding of scientific knowledge in parts of the campus, vigorously promote water equipment into the campus work. Organization compiled, the development of relevant campus community drinking water standards, to provide reference for the campus into drinking water equipment and management. Also we hope that through a combination of field trips water quality, drinking water in different parts of the campus of the status quo, to provide targeted solutions for healthy drinking water problem on campus, truly effective science-based solutions in the drinking water health problems of students.


   China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment special committee deputy secretary-general segment core


   of Shandong Educational Technology and Equipment Center director Feng Junhua

   Qu Gui Nan, general manager of Haier drinking water purification equipment in terms of technology upgrading, scientific solutions and professional after-sales service and management, done for the leaders and school principals education unit in charge of and detailed explanation. He said that due to the different water quality across the country, each school hardware, the number of students and drinking habits, and many other factors in the selection of equipment and develop solutions should be adapted to local conditions, people-oriented, scientific and reasonable considering, customization, in order to ensure the correct selection device, use scientific design, improve service management, healthy drinking water to protect the students. At present, Haier after-sales management of advanced water purification technology, high-quality products, systems can be thought of drinking on campus and provide scientific solutions, Haier is willing, together with the Ministry of Education and the Association to provide services to local schools, deeply involved in the association "into drinking water equipment campus "public welfare activities to make more contributions to the healthy growth of children.


   Haier water purifier general manager Qu Gui Nan

   communication, education sector representatives reflect Qingdao, the citys drinking water equipment used mainly centralized procurement in 2013 in the current emergence of aging equipment damage, backward technology, poor taste, as well as wasting water due to equipment brands complex, post-repair service is not place high maintenance costs, lack of standards and other major issues. Hope relevant departments to increase attention to the problem of drinking on campus, responsible businesses to provide better service in the industry, while seeking a balance between businesses and schools in terms of services, and funding to ensure that students can drink health of water.

   Vice Minister Deng Zhe on the current Qingdao City UniversityWater park equipment and testing results point of view, the presence of obsolete equipment and technology is relatively backward, lack of protection of follow-up maintenance and management, testing standards and supervision in accordance with irregularities and other issues. He made the difference between drinking fountains and water purifier on the delegates because of differences in taste, different filtration and purification technology to produce different effects, and detection index based on other aspects of a detailed analysis of the answers.


   Vice Minister of Chinese Academy of household appliances health appliances Analysis and Testing Center Deng Chul

   has overall responsibility for Bowen, chairman of Societe Generale The visit of Zhao Baoyun water quality testing, in reaching answers to the problem of water quality test items and technical requirements mentioned, throughout CDC is a professional testing organization, for the detection of water quality have a number of projects, campus drinking water does not need to detect all the items, but for key projects testing must take into account, such as total number of colonies, water hardness, the other around the water is not the same, the detection of the project are not the same. Water quality survey in advance of personalized custom equipment, post timely maintenance management and water quality testing science is a key element to protect the safety of drinking water.


   Bowen Societe Generale chairman Zhao Baoyun

   Subsequently, the delegation visited the High School Affiliated to Qingdao University, field trips, large-scale drinking water equipment used in the school, at the same time the school drinking water for water quality testing conducted fully meet drinking water standards. The school uses a direct pay for drinking water, drinking water equipment manufacturer is responsible for providing and maintaining facilities and equipment and water quality. To ensure the water quality at the same time, relative to save money, and there is no follow-up maintenance and management issues, study group fully affirmed the work of the schools drinking water health.


   investigated Qingdao University School Affiliated


   Industrial Baldwin art water quality testing


[ 123]

   test result data

   and site visits by the meetings discussion, we find that the education system attaches great importance to school leaders and principals healthy drinking water, and done a lot of work, but due to lack of healthy drinking water science work, what kind of water to drink, what equipment and techniques, how scientific management, how to accurately monitor the water quality standard system is not perfect and a series of problems, schoolResponsible person does not fully understand, no laws, leading to a series of health drinking water problem. But to the study group it was moved that the unit in charge of education, school leaders have attached great importance to the health of drinking water for students to actively apply for financial, settlement and improve school quality, improve student drinking water conditions. At the same time, associations, business equipment, testing organizations and other equipment have been trying to push the water into the campus, after following the walk into Tangshan, Cangzhou, Qingdao, Jining, but also deepening into the various typical regions of the country. We are hoping to provide healthy drinking water services and consulting to more schools and children, a wide range of science, health drink water.

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