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You can not drink alternative drinkg water to add moisture

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people out drinking inconvenient, replace it with a drink of water or compelling, but it should not at home, especially in the body is still developing in children. The human body has seventy percent water. Visible, the importance of hydrat


people out drinking inconvenient, replace it with a drink of water or compelling, but it should not at home, especially in the body is still developing in children.


The human body has seventy percent water. Visible, the importance of hydration on health. Developed but the food industry, a variety of drinks flooding the market. Now many people, especially the young students and children, will take a drink when thirsty instead of water. These drinks are made exactly how do they really complement it instead of water


carbonated drinks:??


As the name suggests is made up of many dioxide "carbon", and many of the "acid "consisting of beverages. In fact, we live in soft drinks, it was also known as soft drinks. We opened a bottle of soda that "Ci" is heard is the voice of carbon dioxide out of the bottle, but also because the added carbon dioxide to make soda in the mouth of an unique taste.


but the taste is behind this particular variety of adverse health effects. Also numerous soda added acidic substance, such as: carbonated water, phosphoric acid, citric acid and other additives, so that a large amount of sugar must be added to soft drinks to increase the sweetness of soda. Market can of 600 ml of soda need to add sugar to 5-6. Soda not only sweet, sour and its for children and adult teeth will produce some damage. Phosphoric acid ingredient in soft drinks, is likely to cause loss of body calcium. In addition to soda the heat does not contain any nutrients. Recommended as little as soft drinks.




state regulations to be known as fruit juice, must contain more than 10% of juice in juice drinks. Allow added sugar, sweeteners, sour seasonings and the like raw materials. Therefore, juice drinks is not equal to the juice. Chinese Nutrition Society recommends a daily intake of people 5 servings of vegetables fruits and fruit juice is not instead of natural fruits and vegetables. In the fruit juice, the sugar content is also high. To 300 ml for packaging juice, typically contains about 20 grams of sugar. Adult recommended intake of sugar should be less than 70 grams per day. So drink a bottle of juice one day put about 1/3 of the sugar intake over. Juice is recommended to make yourself at home, in addition to reducing the absorption of sugar, but also can get a variety of fruits rich in vitamins and minerals. This is a commercially available fruit drink can not be replaced.




Most commercially pure juice is fruit juice concentrate to restore the original water was added juice. State regulations for such drinks, in addition to adding water can not add other additives during the restore process. Because pure fruit juice is 100% juice concentrate to restore, in general, it will be more expensive than the price of fruit drinks, juice labeling in supermarkets all-inclusive, how to identify pure fruit juice or a fruit drink it? Aside from the price differences to distinguish in addition, the easiest is to look at the list of ingredients. If pure fruit juice, typically in the list of ingredients in addition to water and concentrated juice only. But the list of ingredients in addition to fruit juice concentrate fruit juice and water, there will be other additives, such as: sugar, sweeteners, colors and so on. Higher nutritional content of pure fruit juice, need to be refrigerated after opening bottles in general. If it is not in their own home, then squeezed juice, pure fruit juice is a good alternative.


functional beverages:


in the functional beverage market to see mostly divided into two types, one is the sports drink, the other is to add taurine and caffeine drinks . For sports beverages, which contain a variety of electrolytes, because of the intense movement can supplement the loss of water and minerals. For those beverages containing caffeine and taurine mostly to fatigue and refreshing as the main selling point. Taurine and caffeine can stimulate the central nervous system, achieve the effect of anti-fatigue. If you do not have special needs, you do not need to supplement these beverages. If there is no movement drank sports drinks, the long run is likely to cause the body electrolyte imbalance, increasing the burden on the kidneys. At the same time the country for taurine also has strict limits. If the excessive intake of high levels of taurine drinks, likely to cause central nervous system disorders, leading to insomnia and other neurological symptoms. ! So functional beverages are not as a general beverage drink


Note: The sugar content of commercially available beverages generally too high. You must develop the habit of reading the Nutrition Facts. Note that "carbs" or "sugar" behind the numbers. That figure is the amount of sugar per serving. Adults should consume less than 70 grams of sugar per day. When buying fruit juice, try to pick the list of ingredients of fruit juice drinks have fewer additives appropriate.


Even in the nutrient of fruit juice contained, but inevitably there will be concentrated to a nutrient loss during the initial juice. So the best way to ingest juice or squeeze yourself at home is appropriate.


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