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Water purification agents how to efficiently organize activi

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in the daily operation of water purification agents, various events are a very common thing, whenever the size of the festival, a variety of plant celebration, anniversary, various promotional activities naturally essential. The so-called p

   in the daily operation of water purification agents, various events are a very common thing, whenever the size of the festival, a variety of plant celebration, anniversary, various promotional activities naturally essential. The so-called promotional activities is to organically combine hard and soft terminal and within a certain period of time by holding a variety of terminals can fully show the best results and to inform, persuade, remind, motivate and attract and encourage consumers to implement a consumer buying behavior person face to face marketing activities. And now increasingly fierce market competition, you do promotions, other stores also do promotional activities, in the end how we can improve the efficiency of the activities of it?



   do a good job promotion program

   promotional activities must have a purpose, so as to make the direction of actors can hard core, a lot of water purification agents will follow suit with other people like to do activities, which finished do not know why they want to do this activity, so imagine the effect will not be good to go in.

   promotional program must have a theme of the event, is to have a gimmick, not blindly put forward a special, put forward a buy gifts began to engage in activities, no gimmicks consumers if the authenticity of activities or trust will be compromised, activities are not new themes, often can not stimulate consumers to buy, especially in the current context of increasingly frequent promotional activities, consumers become more rational.

   In addition, the development of marketing programs must follow a participatory and operability. Promotional program is to let consumers and Purchasing Guide can be involved, consumers can enjoy activities bring benefits, Purchasing Guide implementation of this scheme can be paid accordingly. Operability refers to the actual situation must be to target customer base to develop to meet the various needs of consumers, the final harvest a good reputation.

   three principles


   is the promotion of innovation to achieve "breakthrough," "secret weapon" is an effective way to attack the other brands follow and intercept. If there is no activity in the form of innovation, or simply rely on playing special buy gifts to perform such activities can not achieve good results. In each dealer promotions to the growing homogenization of today, innovation is necessary to achieve sufficiently differentiated, publishing etc design, advertisement marketing programs to take into account the difference.

   Limited repeatedly

   As the consumerDesires always endless, and are less likely to get something more want the psychological, so promotion should follow the "small number" principle, every promotional efforts should not be too big (to reduce their expectations, to avoid the usual sales effects), the product range should not be too much (more difficult things get, the more want), some of the activities artificially set the threshold so that guests feel advantage.

   win in the details

   consumers called "breathtaking leap" in the final decision on the purchase of that link, economics, meaning that consumers are delicate, often because of some usually very petty issue gave up the purchase, vigilance is very high. In this case, a good grasp of the details of implementation is particularly important. Throughout the promotional activities, from small to poster design and poster sessions, to large promotion Careful and field execution should be concerned with the details.

   control of the promotional schedule

   With good marketing plan, the franchisee will be in control of the sales process. In this process, we first need to seize the franchisee sales peak. In general, the output of most of the sales depend on a limited number of day sales peak is achieved, while the number of sales peak depends on the organization of on-site activities. In addition to the fixed Morning and Night Markets sprint sales, the franchisee can also carry out one to one sales, the sales staff recommend holding directly to customers in the vicinity of affordable products.

   It should also be noted that during the event of supply regulation. Pre-event, not enough goods to sell, and to organize timely transfer cargo to the warehouse; the end of the activity, it is necessary according to the situation, a temporary adjustment of marketing strategies, the main push large current inventory of several products.

   organizing promotional activities are important to dealers a marketing tool, it must not be careless cope, we must be ready early, mid seriously held late lessons learned. If it is not the intentions of running an event that might as well not do.

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