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- M Group -water purifier to share economic model,- the firs

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Rooster nostalgia harvest, Shengshi Chun Fung Huan cry. Hua Kang water purifier to share the first anniversary of the economic model summary and awards ceremony was held in Shenzhen, December 31, 2017, my colleagues and all - M Group joinin

   "Rooster nostalgia harvest, Shengshi Chun Fung Huan cry." "Hua Kang water purifier to share the first anniversary of the economic model summary and awards ceremony" was held in Shenzhen, December 31, 2017, my colleagues and all - M Group joining cooperation representatives from across the country gathered this grand festival. The conference, Kang Hua Group in 2017 to review and summarize achievements, and plans and arrangements on the work of the company in 2018, but for the year 2017 the company made outstanding contributions to the development of the work of excellent partners and team in recognition.


   You have Thanksgiving, accompanied all the way; concerted efforts to create brilliant

   conference officially began, Mr. Zhu Jianhua, general manager of Hua Kang Group opening statement, Premier Zhu Hua Kang on behalf of the Group expressed sincere thanks and best wishes to join partners and counterparts guests from all over the country from afar. Subsequently, Mr. Zhu was Kang Hua Development Review Group 2017 Annual Report, noted that 2017 Love Kang Group all my colleagues, and update the product qualification, market strategy and implementation, and to promote the marketing model, brand and reach the target of several major aspects continuous efforts made so that peer envy results.


   Premier Zhu said: in 2017, Kang Hua Group in the first and constantly improve their team-building, Kang Hua from the introduction of talent, training, and helping to create a give franchisees to provide comprehensive support and help marketing team; in policy support, - M Group strict implementation of price protection system, regional protection system, investment model formalized ton output capacity determination to maintain the market order; marketing model innovation on Hua Kang focused force, its "share economy" marketing model innovation to optimize towards the 3.0 era, succeeded in increasing market share - M terminal water purifier, and let here franchisees easily develop new markets to increase sales, earn real money.


   In 2018 work plan and the market outlook, Premier Zhu said: - M will adhere to the existing foundation and Innovation: adhere to product quality, adhere to quality service innovative water purification technology, innovation and economic sharing ideas, innovative marketing mode, to join hand in hand with all partners to seize business opportunities were digging clean water wealth!


   Finally,Premier Zhu said that China Kang catering to the contemporary trend of things developed new products walk in the forefront of the industry, with Hua Kang share the economic model, the 2018 is bound to become a new weapon to seize the market. Things HRK30 intelligent water purifier and water purifier HRK35 overturn the traditional "old, stupid, heavy" interactive experience fool-style operation mode, users only need a mobile phone can be achieved with water purifier, fun in a smart, healthy water purification new life.

   recognition of advanced, boosting the morale of the

   "No pain, no gain, have to pay a return." In recognition of the link, Mr. Zhu Jianhua, general manager - M Group "2017 Annual China Kang water purifier outstanding franchisee "awarded honorary medals, including Sichuan, Chen, Liu Guangxi, Hunan, Peng Kang cooperation with China for many years, but also a strong rise in 2017, Zhang Hebei, Henan Zhao, Hunan Liang total and more to self-made success Heilongjiang Zhou, Liaoning Mr. Wu, Shandong Zhong total ......

   these award-winning leader through their own efforts, in the water purification industry has made life brilliant, more development - M made an outstanding contribution awards ceremony concluded next year in hopes of more people standing on the stage to get this honor.


   After the recognition, - M go to Sichuan Gold Partner Lee came to share successful experiences, Lee has always adhered to the "hard work to benefit" faith, Kang in China With the support of clean water has been encouraged to go to develop their own career. - M + platform + share in the economic model itself diligent hard work, Li to lead the overall business grew and grew. Lee said that in the future path of development, he will continue to work together and - M, bold and innovative market, hundreds of millions of water purification tap the wealth!


   Zhuzong gold partners in cooperation with representatives of a group photo

   at the dinner session, General Manager - M - M Group to bring executive team toasting ceremony, has been to work with - M, hard work ahead to join partners express my sincere appreciation, in this New Year festive moment, everyone accompanied by wine and food, drink as singing, better placed for the future prospects! this celebration, but also the sound of celebration came to a close successfully.

   before the new achievement of good governance and development temper line

   The summary andAwards ceremony, witnessed - M brilliant achievements over the past year, interpretation of responsibility - M 2018 "- M Share Economy" New trends in innovation and development of new models and the future direction of the water purifier market, clear goals and development plans and looking forward to the future - M blueprint. - M inspires all people to join with partners to work together to sail, to compose - M Groups future more beautiful piece of music!


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