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[Thinking] decodg appliance dustry abundance of nest express

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[Decoder] abundance of nest express cabinet two-way toll caused by home appliance industry Thoughts http: //www.js.hc360.com2020骞?at 9:00 on May 15 Source: Circle of appliances: What sound T T HC water purification Feng network delivery n

  [Decoder] abundance of nest express cabinet two-way toll caused by home appliance industry Thoughts http: //www.js.hc360.com2020骞?at 9:00 on May 15 Source: Circle of appliances: What sound T


   HC water purification Feng network delivery nest cabinet behind a two-way toll caused by hot, all appliance manufacturers should see: the new economy, new technologies, new models, and even a new retail business development of tools has always been service, we also need to respect commercial law and market rules, can not be "nothing" will not "fanciful." Whether it is manufacturing, or retail market, we never need practical, step by step.

   Recently, the Cabinet began to express abundance of nest charged directly to users overtime demurrage ", will once again prove: either the real economy or the virtual economy, any industry and the development of enterprises should respect the market, respect of commercial law, both to return to the principles of economics to find direction and farmers. Any so-called free mode, pull out a wool pattern wool in pigs pay by cattle, are not withstand the test of time.

   Recently, take the absolute protagonist position in Chinas major cities in the smart district cabinet courier operators Feng nest, officially announced that it would "Timeout store the" express charges. Publish this provision means that, in addition to abundant nest to collect "storage fee" to the couriers, but also began to collect "overtime charges" to the user. It is this abundance of nest "two-way fee" policy, angered many and residential property owners.

   It is reported, has been the abundance of nest as third-party smart cabinet courier operators, their business model has been taken is to pay site fees, electricity, and daily operating expenses to residential property, but by charging to the courier. " storage fee ", as well as terminal platform advertising costs, as well as earnings data and large user B-side technology solutions. But to give charge to users of the user.

   However, with the abundance of nest suddenly decided to charge "demurrage" The move to the user, allowing appliance manufacturers to more clearly see: a, Feng nest current operating costs and cost pressure is very big, hoping to find new source of income. The retaining member of overtime charges, from the legal sense and can be "feasible", has long been other cabinet courier companies do it. Second, for those companies under the banner of the name of the Internet business, no matter how gorgeous the early gimmicks, how cool business model, eventually to return to the "income greater than the cost to continue" theThe right way up, only expenses with no income eventually mode "flash in the pan."

   In fact, this is not just in the courier industry, a similar abundance of nest this new business model, operators, and ultimately to return to the right path "two-way charge" up, and now there are also similar cases in the appliance industry: for example, the Internet TV camp in the past few years, from the music, as the micro-whales, storms, and other yet to see more than 20 brands of flash in the pan, and ultimately only one survived millet television, fundamental reason is that: millet TV did not blindly aggressive from the very beginning and other peer to take music as "hardware loss or even free, charge for content" model expansion, but "hardware profit, the content of advertising revenue," the benign policy in advance.

   Now, when taken hardware free charge for content "of the Internet TV companies who already have miscues. And behind millet TV survived, in addition to adhering to the hardware profit, it is also actively return to the nature of competition in the industry, and that is to continue to promote the iterative upgrade truly rely on the product, as well as product performance, matching the price to get through in order to win customers. But definitely not without any support of "free hardware or loss" model to win.

   Similarly, the past two years leading home appliance industry changes electricity supplier online mode, which is the absolute protagonist appliance retail industry, coming from the beginning of the development to the present, rely in its development process has never been a "loss of low-cost snatch mode. " On the surface, the past few years, the primary means of online store electricity supplier snatch, is cheap, in fact, is based on the operating costs of "high efficiency, flat, digital" the lowest operating profit optimization, thereby and physical stores to achieve "the same product that price, the same price fight, fight the same operating efficiency" in order to allow electricity providers to take root landing in the appliance retail industry, bigger and stronger.

   Today, Jingdong Lynx and other electricity providers have been satisfied to grab share of the online market, but the market through an open platform, product, marketing, service and warehousing, as well as digital distribution and management platform under the long line layout shared landing, attract traditional dealers joined together to achieve the process improvement and efficiency of the traditional retail model upgrade.

   At this time, for many appliance dealers, the machine can not only see the special electricity supplier a competitive advantage, while ignoring the insight to understand and change the business logic and the means of its low-cost model behind that winning efficiency, platform drivers, service to keep up. Therefore, manyWhen the household electrical appliance enterprises and businesses face the new economy and new models often look at the surface, ignoring insight into the nature of, and ultimately lose face, but lost the lining. When

   For all the household electrical appliance enterprises, businesses, embracing the Internet in the process, the use of Internet technology to transform and improve their operational efficiency, but also to comply with notice and grasp the nature of the business. The only way to fear clouds block our sight!


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