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Water purifier deals want to be biggand strong-d offensive d

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in the water purification industry increasingly mature, water purification industry increasingly fierce competition, small and large water purification agents franchisee to be able to survive in such hot competition, the industry believes t

   in the water purification industry increasingly mature, water purification industry increasingly fierce competition, small and large water purification agents franchisee to be able to survive in such hot competition, the industry believes that: need "and the offensive and defensive lines," at minimum cost to maximize profits. After

   1, all starting

   local water purification agents franchisee relies mainly on the water purification products transferred to the hands of consumers from the local market, to complete profit goods. Therefore, a good grasp of the local consumer appetite is a large events, best reflects the usual channels operating water purification agents joining the operation to profitability, therefore, correctly grasp the various channels operating skills is a prerequisite to ensure the distribution of profits. The following small series be elaborated from the store, two three channels, channels buy three channels.

   2, to be precise product positioning

   on the consumer market, the most able to attract customers of water purification products in general, there is no doubt two things: a certain brand basis and can make people at affordable prices.

   and for water purification agents franchisees, "profitable" is the largest of the ultimate goal. The level of consumer spending rising today, water purification water purification agents franchisee should also be timely and moving, there is a certain accumulation of capital in the future, in the form of different upgrades, more fit the needs of consumers, to make themselves more able to adapt to the development of society. For the brand of choice and it is not the more the better high-end, but should be a reasonable position according to the local consumer and market demand.

   3, the focus of the Raiders home stores

   store sales are now water purifier sales channels of the main components. Water purification agents franchisee to develop a three-dimensional ecological strategy, products entering the store, find profit products. The main task of this product is the agent for the water purifier franchisee profit contribution, therefore, the price set must have sufficient profit margins, and focus on display in the store display and promotion in order to achieve maximum profit contribution to sales. In addition, there are some products, not simply to make a profit, its more important function is to capture the market, the fight against competing products, such products take the pure volume, low-margin can be used, or even zero profit sales strategy.

   as a home store, the high cost of rent is essential, so fine on the operation of the management is to reduce the cost of sales of powerful weaponsDevice. To make full use of surface discharge, end position display racks and other advantages, reduce or avoid the product into the bottom or the top shelf, increasing the effectiveness of the display.

   4, increase multi-channel sales

   for limited capital, in water purification agents to join the early stages of development, the two three channels is a good choice, this channel consumers have requirements for product quality, but also emphasizes the benefits. For store sales, there are enough sales environment is also a key cause of consumers to buy. Consumers prefer low-end market with games sales incentives color, this beer can learn from open end prizes, though old-fashioned, but very effective. If we unexpectedly large awards such TV, washing machine, but also a mass 10 10 Fax 100, to create a strong atmosphere in the community or local consumer market. This award general settings, you need the factory led, if the lack of such support, water purification agents franchisees can own other forms of conduct, when such time-saving, easy to perform.

   5, to seize the fiery buy the market

   in the Internet becomes more sophisticated today, every enterprise network platform should seize the advantage and buy online is a very important channels, but also a lot of water purification agents to join bigger and stronger shortcut. On the other hand, the water purification industry are more inclined to buy the factory. Customers must pay attention to product quality and brand. Select the appropriate brand, and ensure product quality, not only the immediate, runs the risk.

   When the water purification agents franchisee to carry out Customers, agents franchisee to maintain good customer relations and customer buy. Now buy channels has been well-known, and therefore very important to maintain the relationship. Some of the topics presented strong promotional items, gifts can often play a multiplier effect, both to make up for the lack of product and brand power, but also can reduce the risk of the purchasers managers.

   As the water purification industry has brought a hidden one hundred billion market size of the industry, water purification industry has become among the most popular venture industry, water purification agents franchisee only continue to arm themselves by good marketing , in order to remain unbeaten in the market!

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