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Water purifiers into a -wat fee- on clean wand consvi ictrad

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In order to improve drinking water quality, and now many families have chosen to install a home water purifier, but due to the different brands and features, etc., and some water purifiers produce large amounts of clean water tail water at

   In order to improve drinking water quality, and now many families have chosen to install a home water purifier, but due to the different brands and features, etc., and some water purifiers produce large amounts of clean water tail water at the same time, a serious waste of water resources , straight drink water purification also the same case. Water purification and water conservation has become a contradiction.




water purifier into a "water fee" on clean water and water conservation contradict (Photo from Internet)

   home water purifier "stealing water "water doubled

  " there was a time last year, kettle scale more clearly, the end of time daughter spent more than 3,000 dollars to give us security with a water purifier, said to open the faucet there are pure water. "Ms. Sun told reporters, burning at this scale kettle months after use is indeed a lot less, but the water was also significantly up a lot. "Our previous months basic water at around forty to fifty million, since this machine is installed, and now a month has risen to over one hundred of the water." Ms. Sun said at first he still suspected pipe leakage, find look after the property know that this is a problem of water purifiers.

   The original, Ms. Sun installed home reverse osmosis type water purifier, the apparatus generates per 1 liter of pure water consumed about 2-3 liters of water, the excess water into the tail water. Fearing the elderly can not handle tail water in a timely manner, the old mans daughter at the time of installation of equipment will be required to install water purifier personnel directly access the draft tube under the water. "Ordinarily this tube can be connected to the bucket, we usually rinse the mop can be used to flush toilets, so clean water flow away in vain too wasteful." Ms. Sun laments.

   tailrace straight community sewer water purifiers have spent

   water purifier has become "water machine fee," which Ms. Sun both distressed distressed money wasted water. The settings in the communitys water purifier drink straight there the same situation.

   Mr. Su usual practice of using straight drinking fountains set up in the community to draw water, but this water purifier for water waste caused, even as Mr. Su so often with people who do not know. "Water than tap water a little bit slower." Su said, he always thought it was the result of a road through the water filter, did not think there tail water produced. Reporters visited several area View drink straight water purification machines found in the cell and out of water purifiers are very subtle, all of the water out of the machine directly from the underground to the groundOr in the wall behind where the vicinity of water purifiers are no recycling containers. Contact us by phone, reporters on the machine to a community water dispensers customer service staff, the staff told reporters that the sale of water purification system in a set, access to water through layers of purification then becomes safe to drink "healthy water "net tail water ratio is 1: 1, and the purified wastewater after completion directly into the sewer pipe beneath the machine through communication.

   net tailwater ratio of 1: 2 or 1: 3 behind water purification fee is

   reporter visited several stores water purifiers, net tailwater most brands of water purifiers propaganda ratios are 1: 1, i.e. the one liters of water will produce 1 liter tail water, but the actual use, it is possible to achieve 1: 1 water purifier are rare. "Most of the 1: 2 or 1: 3 or more, with a long time, the proportion of tail water produced will be higher." A water purifier brand sales staff told reporters. Currently on the market water purifier reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration these types. Under normal circumstances, ultrafiltration water purifier filter water quality to meet the needs of human health, reverse osmosis water purifier filter would become completely pure water.

   then, the market has not fully save not only purify water but also water purifier? The sales staff told reporters that at present, waste water generated at least for ultrafiltration water purification machines on the market, "if you do not produce waste water, ultrafiltration mode can be selected purifier, it was filtered through a 0.01 micron pore size, can filter out some impurities, but still there will be some other material, it is not straight drink, is preferably boil drink, relatively not very convenient water purification is reverse osmosis water purification unit through an aperture 0.0001 micron filtered water can basically meet water quality can drink straight, but in actual use, most of them more than one of the wastewater: 1 standard. "

   Since the tail water purifier produces inevitable, then how to avoid wasting it? the sales staff told reporters, tail water purifier produced can not drink, can not be used to wash clothes, but or can be used as the construction of water used to irrigate green plants, it can also be used to flush toilets, mopping the floor, washing mops. When installing the public water purifiers simply pure water and tail water are stored, purified water for drinking, tail water for washing, so would greatly reduce waste.

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