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Pathogenesis of arsenic in water is too high and the nional

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Arsenic widespread in the earths crust, is present in the majority of arsenate and arsenic sulfide or metal arsenide forms. Arsenic compounds for commercial and industrial, mainly used for the production of alloying additives transistors, a


Arsenic widespread in the earths crust, is present in the majority of arsenate and arsenic sulfide or metal arsenide forms. Arsenic compounds for commercial and industrial, mainly used for the production of alloying additives transistors, and semiconductor lasers. Arsenic in drinking water, mainly from the dissolution of minerals and ores naturally occurring. The main exposure pathways in addition to individual occupational exposure to arsenic is a person oral intake of food and drink. Source water in certain regions, in particular ground water, high concentrations of arsenic. In some areas, arsenic in drinking water is an important factor affecting human health, it is considered to be screened arsenic drinking water source BU important points of substance. Arsenic concentration often depends on the depth of the well.


1. The health effects of arsenic is one of the few substances are carcinogenic to humans through drinking water. There is no doubt obtained from the epidemiological investigation demonstrated that high concentrations of arsenic in drinking water can cause cancer in several parts of people, especially the skin, bladder and lung. In several parts of the world, arsenic-induced disease, including cancer, it has become an important public health problem. Ratio of trivalent inorganic arsenic pentavalent inorganic arsenic activity and high toxicity, is generally believed to be carcinogenic trivalent arsenic. However, the mechanism of carcinogenicity at low dose and intake shape of the response curve there is considerable uncertainty and controversy. Because inorganic arsenic compounds to human carcinogenic there is sufficient evidence of a carcinogenic effect on animals have proved that a small amount, IARC it as a definite human carcinogen Group 1.


is greater than the toxicity of inorganic arsenic organic arsenic, trivalent arsenic toxicity greater than pentavalent arsenic.


Distribution of the disease in the region containing the address of arsenic in drinking water is too high. When the content of arsenic in water 20mg / L, the arsenic poisoning can cause acute; arsenic content of water in 2mg / L, the arsenic poisoning can cause subacute. In October 2005 Yingde City, Guangdong Province, a discussion had occurred drinking water sources are contaminated chemical waste water, resulting in drinking water arsenic levels up to 22mg / L, 23 Wei who drink water containing arsenic acute arsenic poisoning.


2 pathogenesis of arsenic trace elements necessary for the body of the cable, it is involved in a chemical reaction of some phosphate. Kin excessive intake of arsenic can cause damage to the human organism. Vegetable trivalent arsenic group or set fire to two groups on the enzyme protein molecules combine to make the function more enzymes is inhibited. Arsenic can directly damage blood arterioles and capillaries, increased permeability of it, cause gastrointestinal and other organ damage. Due to metabolic disorders clover first involving nerve cells, causing toxicSyndrome and multiple punch dermatitis via the system, as well as teratogenic effects of arsenic.


3. Clinical manifestations can be divided into acute toxicity, subacute and chronic poisoning, and poisoning three kinds. Acute poisoning mainly as gastritis, intestinal symptoms and headache, dizziness, oliguria, and hypotension. In addition to sub-acute poisoning gastrointestinal symptoms, there are peripheral neuritis, liver and kidney poisoning symptoms, such as skin pigmentation. Chronic poisoning mainly as peripheral neuritis, muscular atrophy, brittle hair easy to fall off, highly pigmented skin pigmentation, grayish black or dark brown spots (called Blackfoot disease), skin stains rotten saddle crack prolonged healing, few can be converted skin cancer. When


4 standard value of an amount of water from deep wells arsenic 1.0 ~ 2.Omg / L, can cause chronic arsenic poisoning; well water arsenic in an amount of 0.127 ~ 0.178mg / L, the no suspected cases, but hair arsenic significantly higher than the control group; water arsenic in an amount of 0.027 ~ 0.081mg / L. Area, hair arsenic content of the control group had no significant difference. Arsenic in drinking water so that predetermined content should not exceed 0.01mg / L. Natural water concentration is generally 1 ~ 2ug / L, there are areas of natural origin can be as high 12mg / L. ICP / MS detection limit 0.lug / L; hydride generation atomic absorption spectrometry or by AAS, FAAS: 2ug / L. Using any one of several possible processing method, technically can reduce the concentration of arsenic 5ugL, requires careful management and optimization, the precipitate was filtered flocculation process should achieve 10ug / L or less.




above are taken from "drinking water management and" no Impulse water softener salt works nanocrystalline soft TAC technology, high energy nanocrystals produced, the free water calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate ion packaged into nano crystals, thereby preventing the free ion generation scale, extend the life of water appliances. Machine no electricity, no salt, no regeneration, Pais salt-free water softeners, household soft water treatment experts.



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