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Opportunities home brand brandinguild houses tels

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domestic variety Honey Inn since its launch many pink circle, away from the hustle and bustle, looking for living life in the slow beginning of the heart is a lot of modern poetry and remote office workers in mind. After Darling Inn aired,


   domestic variety "Honey Inn" since its launch many pink circle, away from the hustle and bustle, looking for living life in the slow beginning of the heart is a lot of modern poetry and remote office workers in mind. After "Darling Inn" aired, followed by Jiangsu TV following the "three yard", Zhejiang TV, "beautiful house", Dragon TV "youth hostel" variety show broadcast one after another, these programs are based on the theme of the B & B program. Thus, a bed and breakfast trend since then detonated, the B & B industry transition from feelings productivity.

   network Red Bed and Breakfast Why popular?

   With the iterative upgrade spending, consumer demand for accommodation and travel more diversified and personalized. Bed and Breakfast with local characteristics and personality of people of all ages, bed and breakfasts and hotels are not the same, it does not have the luxury of advanced equipment, there is no five-star luxury service, but not a good mood, you can experience different from the past life. B & Bs core competence is to create a realm of Heaven, people want to relax the body, soul washed in plain travels, discoveries of natural beauty. Back to nature, plain, the most close to human needs of design to create a temperature of domicile, enhance communication between people, between man and nature in the form of B & B, which is probably the reason its so popular bed and breakfast.

   home branding B & B / hotel business opportunities?

   鈶?to build a cross-border brand hotel has inherent advantages

   last year, the worlds first MUJI hotel opened in Shenzhen, Beijing MUJI The hotel also have opened. In industry competition, the performance slowdown, the diversified development has become MUJI development strategy. So, the hotel or B & B brand whether it be the business opportunity? MUJI from our hotel to analyze.

   After the opening, even if the price is not close to the people, still drew many loyal fans and young people MUJI personally punch. MUJI hotel furniture and decoration, from MUJI, so the decoration is a continuation of a strong wind MUJI, the use of wood large, plain furniture, lighting and arrangement of orange with minimalist decor. Both the rooms inside, or public seating area in the details are in place, it can be said to be "very MUJI" a. In addition, because the hotel place, so to give consumers a more realistic and in-depth experience, able to experience all aspects of MUJI products.

   fromAs can be seen, in order to build a cross-border brand hotel has inherent advantages, in particular, has a natural gene household brands, not only to bring more brand for the business, but also help consumers familiar with the brand products. Because consumers in the experience, will form word of mouth, secondary to brand promotion, more conducive to extend the brand and expand the market. After

   鈶?heat faded, sustained profitability challenges

   With the Shenzhen MUJI hotel IWOM constantly revealed, general manager of a hotel management company to the media analysis says that most of these hotels GOP ( the average gross margin) should be 20 million -30 million, but it might not be profitable hotel MUJI, MUJI more likely to consider the brand publicity. Beijing MUJI a tourist hotel, "said the higher price of accommodation, not to live, but I heard MUJI hotel is relatively popular, they come to see." Interviews with media reporters in Beijing see MUJI hotel, in a layer of Random House, the lobby has a lot of tourists in this shade; in addition, there are many tourists taking pictures in a four-story open-air bar, and these people are not dining guests, many tourists are apparently red admiring network directed at the hotel.

   Thus, after the heat faded brand, how to sustained profitability has become a major problem. Red Bed and Breakfast Network, network red hotels, restaurants, how to seize the red net consumer demand, how to seize keep them coming back is very important. First, the market consumer response to the existing network Red B & B is also very good, the Chinese market has its share accommodation opportunities exist. On the other hand, the Chinese market has ushered in the heyday of the consumer culture, peoples consumption has risen from physical goods to the conceptual level, rising from the functional attributes to the symbol level. Therefore, the brand trying to give more spiritual meaning and cultural value to the product, we can not ignore the value of improving product functionality, understanding of consumer needs, to create a cost-effective coexistence of cultural values 鈥嬧€媋nd products is crucial.

   鈶?shared economic, cross-border home B & B / hotel experience store is an upgraded version of the line

   2018 "display" according to the State Information Center released the "China Development Report share accommodation, 2017 Chinese share market transactions accommodation about 145 billion yuan, up 70.6% over the previous year. By 2020, China shared accommodation market deal size is expected to reach 50 billion yuan. "Airbnb internal staff said. Accommodation future market shareDirect can break the "sharing economy will eventually become a bubble" remarks.

   in a new retail and shared economic popular today, home hotel brand to open cross-border experience can be seen as an upgraded version of the line stores, through complex scenarios in the hotel 24 hours engraved scenes of life, the product mix to home bedroom, living room, bathroom and so real, so that consumers feel the brand intuitive home life experience.


   envisaged in household brand B & B / hotel, all items are using this brand of products, and integration of upstream and downstream resources, the soft-hard-mounted installation, custom home, the product line from a single category gradually widened to multi-category, can be said to have achieved a big home strategy, of course, it is not easy to integrate the whole product chain, need a strong brand strength to do support.

   In addition, since that experience at home transboundary B & B / hotel is an upgraded version of the line of stores, whether you can bring brand mall two-dimensional code on that product in the B & B / Hotel, when consumers experience feelings when you want good orders, a key can be done, but also to achieve a real sense of new retail and sharing economy.

   In the high-tech and innovative business models, powered by the existing bed and breakfast business is constantly cater to market changes, market consumer response is extremely good, so Chinas share market never seems to stay ended, while Chinas share of the economy has finally proved its worth. So, the brand B & B / hotel experience as the next household brand line store upgrade, consider whether to develop it?

   brand cross B & B / hotel business opportunities, business model still groping

   from the analysis of shared economic and MUJI hotel view, the big hotel brand to create a network of red / red B & B network opportunities do exist, then in addition to branding effect, how profitable a problem.

   compared to the B & B tourist attractions, city Bed and Breakfast is an emerging industry, the brand of B & B should seize several elements:

   1 reflects the cultural values 鈥嬧€媋nd the achievement of product value: Young tourist changes in the way, from the scenic city tour into a leisure, business people are increasingly satisfied with the accommodation purely functional;

   2 provide cost-effective experience: to provide better compared to hotels, bed and breakfasts personalized experience, but also has a more cost-effective;

   3 tap new channels and marketing: the hotel hasThrough the formation of mature marketing channels, but the B & B is another set of different logic.

   as if MUJI hotel, comes with its own IP business will bring a certain reputation, MUJI cross-border business hotel want to achieve sustained profitability, the key is whether the "hotel + restaurant + retail outlets," the three parties can be achieved each share customer resources and core competitiveness. For example, South commoners home brand cross to open the hotel, South commoners home brand JNBYHOME culture and youth travel hotel "Vatan House" to achieve cooperation. Vatan Vacherie is a combination of online and offline travel services with a social and cultural one-stop service hotel brand, through the clouds customized accommodation booking platform, sharing type of social and cultural services, travel and hotel next line, personalized accommodation product standardization management .

   In summary, home branding B & B / hotel business, but its underlying business model, how to reflect the cultural values 鈥嬧€媜f the brand, product value, and in the case of cost-effective, enhance the consumer stay experience a sense, these issues are still no examples of success, still need to explore, let us wait and see.

   (Source: China Wood entire network, invasion deleted)

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