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Why not make money stores open water purifier Analysis

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Why water purifier stores make any money? What causes water purifier dealers performance is always difficult to make up? In order to allow more water purifier franchisees profitable venture in the water purification industry, with these que


Why water purifier stores make any money? What causes water purifier dealers performance is always difficult to make up? In order to allow more water purifier franchisees profitable venture in the water purification industry, with these questions, the total forest marketing director of a water purifier that end deep thinking, and to that end depth investigation launched in the market, through the efforts of investment, sales and marketing more than three months, summarized industry experience combined with the following factors market research data sampling results:

   1-scale manufacturers can not, deep plowing market weakness

   manufacturers to franchisee stores open water purifier has a very big influence , a strength of the manufacturers to provide for entrepreneurs to improve after-sales support, to provide comprehensive service protection, but also help franchisees to discuss tailor marketing programs, extensive industry experience, entrepreneurs make it easy to open the local market , won the life of wealth. The scale of the manufacturers will not do water purifier manufacturers, lack of strength, not to provide support on the entrepreneurs of adequate technical, human and material resources, franchisees depth market needs its own feel our way across the river, deep plowing market weakness, leading to water purifiers chain He joined the store always mediocre performance, even negative profitability.

   2, small brand awareness, market development difficult

   For consumers, the choice is a well-known brand of trouble, worry, little risk selection, so big popularity water purifier brand easier to be recognized by consumers, open market sales, while small brand awareness, brand-related online without too much information, consumers can not determine the specific brand of quality and price, how could easily reach buy it? no consumer market demand, water purifier is a natural chain of stores sales were flat, water purification agents should be selected so high profile brands. Importance to promote the network to build brand awareness for you to win the market opportunities.

   3, store renovation inferior, unable to attract visitors

   a good shopping environment, consumers can be pleasant shopping experience, the brand and the stores are a good impression, to improve the chances of the transaction, according to market research that a lot of hard earned money franchisees are due to neglect store renovation, the store did not have enough lead role in attracting people, nobody into the shop to understand the product, how the product has a late deal it?

   4, the level is limited Purchasing Guide, poor


   is not a professional Purchasing Guide, himself a smattering of water purification products, and even some basic questions to ask customers could not answer, how customers will trust your brand, and how you would buy the product? And a excellent Purchasing Guide, for various products gains, with his right, but also good at using sales techniques, customer wind blows, combined with customer preferences and demand to recommend specific products in order to achieve a higher turnover rate [ 123]

   5, the sale of poor service, poor customer shopping experience

   with the enhancement of peoples living standards, there is growing emphasis on quality of life, while shopping is no longer simply the pursuit of product quality, Shopping is also more emphasis on the body, many franchisees overlook the customers shopping experience, will not take the initiative to greet guests, even for consumers to consult with eye color discrimination, to feel wealthy was warm greeting, feeling not deal love to ignore the answer, resulting in poor customer service experience, form a bad impression of the brand.

   6, ignore advertising, market farming unknown

   at this moment, "wine is also afraid of deep alley," the economic environment, many entrepreneurs are still "waiting" wrong thinking, the product Wang put on a showcase, wait for customers advice that product quality is good enough, cost-effective, customer will multiply slowly, and this negative lazy lazy way of selling is not long survive in this highly competitive market environment , others shop Daihatsu leaflets, promotional activities, wall advertising, community outreach to open sales, what means to store your competition?

   7, random pricing, products have no market value [ 123]

   at random pricing is mainly reflected in two aspects, one is the low price, one is no market price. Market reference price is based on the reference price given the overall level of market, many franchisees directly to the manufacturers guide price given market as a direct market price of their products, this is not enough, some local economic development, higher store rental costs, operating costs are high, according to the reference quotations negative earnings may arise; and some local economic backwardness, it is difficult to accept the high price of water purification products; and some franchisees completely ignore the market, free to customize high-priced sales, resulting in a price no City, the product can not be sold, these are the reasons for not making money store where the water purifier.

   8, perfect service, people lostHeart

   after-sales home appliance industry can not be ignored forever focus of a lot of water purifier franchise chain stores due to the selection of the real strength of the manufacturer, the manufacturer can not provide after-sales service, leading consumer product failure can not be solved in time, replace the filter in trouble, losing the last of brand information, but also the formation of bad word of mouth publicity, lost people, goods, how could sell out?

   Why water purifier stores make any money? more is a combination of 22 years of industry experience, success stories and store big data market research study summarized in a few points more than 500 water purifiers to join, water purifier hope that the franchisee effectively avoid the problem in the shop business process, won the sustainable development!

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