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Water antibiotics, rely on water purifican solve it- _ Indus

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Water antibiotics, rely on water purifier can solve it? Published: at 22:14 on June 24, 2016 Hits: 9 Today, there is growing emphasis on quality of life, the requirements for drinking water are also increasing, in addition to water to quenc

  Water antibiotics, rely on water purifier can solve it? Published: at 22:14 on June 24, 2016 Hits: 9

   Today, there is growing emphasis on quality of life, the requirements for drinking water are also increasing, in addition to water to quench their thirst basic requirements, purity and beneficial mineral content of the water-rich, became everyones pursuit of higher, the rise of the water purification industry, so that people in the severe pollution of society see hope. However, faced with serious problems of water pollution, we still seem to be helpless and do not know where to go to seek a sense of security, a lot of people are such a society and just slowly being numb, and not to care about these issues, which will potentially cause a variety of health problems, the emergence of various diseases.

   Recently, the Ministry of Water Resources multiple media reports "Groundwater Dynamic Report" show, plains, basins in more than 80% of groundwater contamination. Monitoring shows: IV class of water 691, accounting for 32.9%; V class of water 994, 47.3% respectively, together accounting for 80.2%. It is worth noting, IV class water mainly for general industrial water areas and recreational water area non-direct contact with the human body, unfit for human drinking, and Class V water pollution is even more serious. "Report" also shows that the main pollution indicators in the "three nitrogen" pollution is heavy, there is a certain degree of toxic heavy metals and organic pollution in some areas.

   the matter reported by the media, caused widespread public concern. Ministry of Water Resources and urgent held a news briefing, he said: more than 80% of the ground water undrinkable is a misreading. Because of this monitoring is shallow groundwater, and underground sources of drinking water mainly deep groundwater. At present, on the whole, groundwater drinking water quality is good. But the interpretation of the relevant departments failed to ease public concerns about water pollution.

   Surface water: 68 kinds of antibiotics invasion

   not only ground water, surface water as early as in fact due to pollution and "fall" in 2014-- "Our surface water contains 68 kinds of antibiotics, and another 90 kinds non-antibiotic pharmaceutical ingredient was found to ...... "the research team concluded that the East China University, Tsinghua University and Tongji University jointly completed, the relevant papers have been published in 2014, No. 9," the Chinese Science Bulletin. " Medicated water because: the human and animal medication, unabsorbed portion of the drug excreted in the toilet, and then enters the sewage treatment system,Into rivers, lakes or reservoirs. Then through the water plant purified drinking water available to the public once again. But water plant purification process does not remove drug residues ingredients.

   but more worrying: Studies show that even trace amounts of drug are likely to have an impact on human embryonic kidney cells of human blood cells and breast cancer cells. Long-term consumption of water containing drug residues may cause cancer cells rapidly increased, renal cell growth retardation, as well as blood cells and other biologically active exuberant.

   compared to haze pollution is more worried

   face clarify the media reports incidents of water pollution and subsequent relevant departments, many people found it difficult to calm. Chengdu MCH Ms. Lee said: "Compared haze, I felt made me worried because of water pollution haze up to dozens of days, we can water a year is 365 days to drink it.!"

   Mr. Wang, who lives in the Chinese homeland believes: mostly urban tap water instead of surface water is groundwater, surface water first, medicated, and now exposed serious groundwater pollution, it is worrying.

   Fortunately: water, we can choose!

   For Ms. Lee, "compared to the haze, water pollution is more worried," saying, Li Fuxing Chinas famous drinking water experts do not agree. Professor Li Fuxing said: the face of haze, we can not choose the air, but for water, at least we still have a choice.

   While bottled water may be water purifier and water purification par, but the average person can accept such consumption patterns do: wash dishes with bottled water every day to cook! Clearly impossible! In addition, mineral water, bottled water handling troublesome, expensive, plenty of water is not suitable for the needs of family life!

   At this time, water purifier superiority fully displayed, as long as the installation of a water purifier at home, do not worry about what the basic safety of drinking water, water purification although it can not once and for all, but still a year or two easily add simple! The water purifier and water connectivity, creating value price of mineral water with tap water, what good or bad, everyones heart scales crystal clear!

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