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The development of water purification industry challenge fro

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In recent years, water pollution is more and more news reports, and safe drinking water directly into the cusp of various public opinion. So that the masses of healthy drinking water and gradually increase awareness of water conservation. N

   In recent years, water pollution is more and more news reports, and safe drinking water directly into the cusp of various public opinion. So that the masses of healthy drinking water and gradually increase awareness of water conservation. Now, many people in order to put an end to these startling water pollution hazards brought about, whether in government departments or enterprises and rural households, and continual installation and use of household water purifiers. But Chinas water purifier market penetration of only between 3% -5%, a huge market space.

   to promote water filter out, if followed appliance industry to promote universal mode, only a dead end. Therefore, the future of the world water purifier industry is part of a pioneering world "new business model and customer service relationship" innovators. Why not follow the water purifier appliance industry to promote universal mode? How then should we do?



   Large differences in product attributes

   From a consumer usage, the appliances and water purifier are two completely different products.

   home appliance product is a terminal, for the production of home appliances enterprises, as long as the household appliances sold its chain along with it over. In addition to occasional product quality problems, need repair service outside, it will never occurred disputes with consumers.

   The water purifier is a semi-finished products, tools and platforms is a healthy family life. For water purifier manufacturers or agents for water purifiers, water purifiers sold later, this is only the beginning of the industrial chain, then it also faces many value-added services, such as regular replacement of filters and so on. It is because of these value-added services, water purifier business not only to do security on the water purifier quality, but also in the after-sales service guarantee to do well, so as not to allow consumers to lose water purification products confidence.

   business model has threshold

   The current home appliance industry, have become accustomed to "mass-produced, low-cost distribution", "free service" model, in recent years there was a "life-long repair "," ten free "and a series of premium services commitment,

   but for the water purification industry, if this model is based on the home appliance industry into the consumer to go, the result is" water purifier has not been able to achieve large-scale popularization. " Meanwhile, water purification products for consumer trust alsoIt will decline. And accustomed to "free service" of Chinese families, so they have to be replaced regularly after purchase water purification filters, and charge a fee, which for consumers is undoubtedly difficult to step over, "Hum."

   from selling products to selling services to the challenge

   In recent years, electronics companies have realized the profitability of space and only sell products, have been insufficient to support a large, scale and development of the entire enterprise. Especially in the last year, music as millet and other Internet companies by means of intelligent wave after entering the TV market, adopted a "free TV hardware or even a loss," ultimately it is through the "TV content, massive video" to a packaging fee profit.

   apparently doing so it has broken through the traditional TV companies hardware profit, "value-added services free road. This is not only to put pressure on traditional home appliances business, it also brings inspiration and reflection. This also means that the entire household electrical appliance enterprises in the future intelligent process must be complete business model reform "to make money by selling hardware to software services profitable" from the.

   for water purification companies is the same, in fact there are a lot of water purifier business on reform and exploration business model, in fact, come to the forefront of the entire household electrical appliance enterprises. "Water purification equipment to buy free, monthly or annual charge a service fee", which means water purifier companies and consumers to establish a cooperative relationship between the depth, the device becomes a one-time service for many years sustainable service consumption.

   now difficult operating system support

   For now the water purifier enterprises, faced with a huge challenge, namely the transition from a professional manufacturer of products to the service provider system, in fact, this is the greatest challenge currently facing the household electrical appliance enterprises: First, change the role and position of the enterprise; second is to change the thinking and ideas of an operator; third is to change corporate operating system and business model.

   It appears from the manufacturer to change service providers, only from just two words, in fact, from the operating system business, the business model is different. Therefore, from an operational point of view, but from a business is fully turned to become another business.

   Therefore, the current placed in front of the water purifier business and household electrical appliance enterprises of the same test: how to change from good service expertise in manufacturing, but also face competition from the market and consumersThe shackles of traditional habits and attitudes of those charges? Has been used for appliances operating mode of Haier, Midea and other water purification companies, in order to develop their own water purification industry first step is to break the traditional model and experience. Similarly, for those who are still active learning and imitation mode of operation of the water purifier home appliance enterprises, we must return clean water from water purification machines, from equipment manufacturers to return to user needs, to explore one of the most suitable roads and modes.

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