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Only adhere to the localization of R & D expertisto solv

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March 8, 2018 Chinas home appliance and consumer electronics fair (2018AWE) opened as scheduled at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, with a 144-year history of the development of American A.O. Smith again bring its whole category

   March 8, 2018 Chinas home appliance and consumer electronics fair (2018AWE) opened as scheduled at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, with a 144-year history of the development of American A.O. Smith again bring its whole category of products exhibition debut. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to consumers are familiar with AO Smith electric water heaters, gas water heater, boiler, water softener bathing beauty, thermostatic plumbing mattresses, purifiers and other fine products, the exhibition, AO Smith gave birth to two years of research and development long may purifier in addition to formaldehyde, new fans also shocking debut, product demonstrations and interactive experience with a combination of China and the world to demonstrate the most advanced and cutting-edge scientific and technological strength and brand strength. It should be said, A.O. Smith on the AWE exhibition brings products every year to become the main trend of the year, pushing home appliances and consumer electronics industry is developing rapidly.


   only professional to ensure that all categories of products and technological research and development to match

   AO Smith to enter China this year is the 20th year, adhere to the innovation and R & D basis of constant depth insight into the Chinese consumer demand AO Smith, has successfully establish industry leadership position, annual sales growth of more than 20%, becoming the last 20 years the most consistent performer in the Chinese market share continued to rise and remain the only foreign brand . Innovation from obscurity to lead the entire industry, from a single category across the water heater to the whole category of hot water, clean water, clean air, heating, etc., from the three major global R & D center to the first base of production and research environments, AO Smith demonstrated the strength of a multinational successful model enterprise.


   AO Smith, senior vice president and (China) Investment Company president Ding Wei

   but this from a single category to the whole category, but not without tricks expansion, AO Smith in view, with its large and extensive do the whole category, it is better to start at the most professional level of the core businesses, the whole category within the professional range. Senior Vice President and Chief AO Smith (China) Investment Company Ding Wei, president in an interview with reporters, said, therefore, even black, white relative kitchen appliances, health appliances higher degree of concern, but in the choice of AO Smith insisted the new class , ensuring product and corporate R & D match. So in the Chinese market, A.O. SmithSeveral main categories: electric water heaters, wall heating stove, these are hot water, purification equipment and water purification machines belong to water systems, air purification is a kind of special, nothing to do with water, but that is because we see the Chinese market special needs - air pollution, family living environment pollution, has come to the extent unbearable. In fact, after 2014 - after extreme fog and haze in 2016, the environment and health appliances category in order to speed the completion of the process from the edge to the blowout, which especially air purifier most significant. In the haze problem has gradually been eased, AO Smith did not give further purification products for research and development, but a deeper insight into the haze outside the Chinese consumer demand for actual air quality found in the research, relatively visible fog haze, indoor residual formaldehyde easier after the damage to peoples health inadvertently, after two years of research and development, this exhibition AWE, AO Smith introduced the heavy formaldehyde purifier and new fans. Ding Wei also said, AO Smith for the selected category, in product development, there will technically lead, even at the beginning of the selection may not have much advantage, but the company must have the confidence to create advantage in three to five years . "We are competitive process, attaches great importance to sustained growth in return on investment, we have to lower a lot of effort, a lot of homework to do, so this category is the sunrise, we must make technology leader."

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   not to adhere to the localization of R & D multinational ism

   this is also the AWE exhibition, AO Smith brought a new water purifier products obtained fully reflect. In order to enable Chinese consumers to safe drinking fresh clean water, AO Smith focus on research and development, with great concentration to build a new water purifier, its long-term patent MAX3.0 Plus reverse osmosis water purifier, reverse osmosis membrane life in keeping up to 3 At the same time in one fell swoop the net aquatic water rate increased to 75%, to solve the long plagued the industry, reverse osmosis water purification and high efficiency reverse osmosis water filter long life can not coexist problems. At the same time, A.O. Smith also noted that Chinese consumers are fond of hot water, and demand more diverse. Especially families with children, the traditional mode of operation is to take water, boil water and then watered and forth, this process may take half an hour or even more. Consumers want to be connected directly to purify well and adjusted to the desired temperatureHot water, and then get rid of the red milk, tea long wait. Therefore, this years exhibition AWE, A.O. Smith based on consumer demand launched a water purifier hot drinks machine.


   It is not difficult to see, though, as an international company, AO Smith in terms of localization, but has done is in place, it is this pain point for users carefully observe , focus on research and development, so that enterprises can only grow more and more in Chinas development.

   In this regard, Ding Wei said that in the past, does a lot of multinational companies at the technical level ahead of local enterprises, then wore the aura of this day after day, until one day, the technical barriers are broken suddenly they found that many Chinese technology companies have long to catch up, and they seem to know better the needs of consumers, so many multinational companies will gradually eliminated from the Chinese market. But A.O. Smith is not, we are able to develop better and better, or even become a model, the reasons behind what we build factories since 1998, we do not have the product brought directly from abroad to sell such an approach. We have our own core technology, a large number of original technology. This is our Chinese R & D team, made out for the Chinese market. Foreign-funded enterprises in China have such a large-scale R & D team, and so research and development for the local market, such enterprises are not many. A.O. Smith insisted to do so, do it the first day, so our products technical ability to solve problems is growing. We just started the previous time, only 30 engineers, now has 500 engineers, a few years, I think there may be 800 engineers, we are advancing with the times, many foreign companies either awareness in this regard enough, or systems, mechanisms so that local capacity is relatively weak, or overseas headquarters to do the master control, for which there is no local market research, tend to miss a lot of opportunities.

   two dimensions talent pool so that the product can solve customer pain points

   It should be said, is AO Smith founded 144 years has always focused on research and development, build quality, the achievements of a century master status AO Smith to lead the industry . "We enter any one industry dominate the market, not by low prices or stand on the outlet, but occupy high ground. We in Chinas development process, venture into new categories, if we evaluate down, is a sunrise industry, and we capableOccupy high ground, we just do it. "Ding Wei Ze Yang said in an interview. Therefore, we can also see, though, as a century-old enterprise, but its product upgrades the speed really fast. So this iteration speed, will for the previous products have an impact? If some products are not profitable in the short term, AO Smith will how to deal with?


   in this regard, Ding Wei said that through innovative technology challenges of the industry, the final or the ability of R & D team, R & D team to build not an overnight, not airborne on a number of R & D personnel to create remarkable innovation, research and development team definitely bring together both industry experts, retired consultant, but also the core of the thirty or forty years, 10 years of research experience, while also have just graduated from university, active, passionate, but not enough experience of young people. any product, as long as he is really able to solve the users pain points, we will be have its market.

   then the talent pool for the 500 engineers, AO Smith also has its own dimension. "one is the existing category, will continue to strengthen research and development efforts, nor is it simply the number of expansion, and It is that these peoples capabilities continue to improve, to really train senior personnel in research and development capabilities really love this industry, people like to do research and development. And also we have a new category, choose a very serious attitude into the new category, any category they need to enter the number of R & D personnel, none of these categories you want to do business first, so there is also talk of industry influence. "Ding Wei said.


   entered China 20 years, AO Smith by leading technology, quality products, perfect service to enhance the quality of life of Chinese consumers, and with for hot water, heating, water treatment, air purification, softening beauty and other integrated systems solutions. I believe the future, AO Smith will always adhere to better products to users of ideas and attitudes, and constantly create more suitable for Chinese consumers innovative boutique.

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